Favourite Spring/Summer Collection


Backstage at Javier Saiach Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016

I am absolutely loving this collection, it’s staying on the very neutral tones and the detailing is impeccable. The fabric looks very flattering on the body. Each design is unique, I find they all tell a different story. I suggest if you find a dress as such and you are worrying about how to do your hair it’s best to keep it minimal just as shown it the photo, so something like a simple bun, pony tail or even soft waves. This is because I find the best way to really make an outfit standout is to keep everything else minimal, this is the same with accessories. I do this every time I try on a different outfit, I think of all the different ways I can style it. This is my opinion and is in no way the right way to do it.
Much Love – dusk avenue

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