Current Skin Care


Sooner or later everyone will understand the importance of skin care. Myself being a 20-year-old I never cared, why? because I always grasped on to the excuse “oh I’m young, I can do those things later on”. However my skin started to change, I started to get pimples all over my face and I started getting eczema near my eye lids. I tried to cover it with make up, however it just looked worse. I couldn’t be sure, whether I wasn’t washing my make up properly or I wasn’t moisturising , I just didn’t know what was causing my skin to react so horribly.

After this shock I knew I had to do something about it, so I dropped by to MECCA Cosmetica to see if they had any idea what was going on with my skin. The girl who was serving me asked key questions such as my skin type, what I’m currently using etc. At the end of it I was recommended Elemental Herbology. The products I purchased were the Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Oil, so this is a cleanser that is oil based, this ensures its light on your skin, it helped me get majority of my make up off without it being harsh on my skin. The next was the Moisture Milk, it was the moisturizer that was suggested this was  due to the hydration in the formula, when I used it I felt my skin was much more hydrated after each use. The last product was based on my skin after make up and the cleanser. It is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels, this product was the 5 day treatment. You use the peels after cleansing your face to ensure all the excess make up and dirt is removed, it leaves your face feeling super clean. Without a doubt helped with my pimples clearing up, I believe it is because I started caring about my skin and using good quality products. Now my skin has improved however skin care as such isn’t just about doing it for a few weeks then leaving it. It is crucial for the health of your skin to care for it consistently, it’s the only way that will work. All the products that I have stated work very well for my skin and it feels very fresh. Also it has helped my make up look even better! however it can be different for every individual, different creams, serums can affect everyone in various ways, I suggest if you are looking into skin care, it would help to go to a place where they specialise for it to ensure maximum results for yourself. Also don’t forget to increase your intake of water! I can’t stress this enough! the more water you drink the better it is for yourself, it helps your skin stay hydrated. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Much love – Dusk Avenue

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