Get The Look


Spring is in the air and yet I can’t let go of monochrome! So my ‘Get The Look’ will be featured whenever I have an outfit I’d like to share. Personally I love to find bargains so hopefully this can help you too!


The white long sleeve top I am wearing is from Temt, which is very affordable. It is just a basic long sleeve shirt which can be found in many stores. I had purchased this for $15!


I love online shopping, I mean who doesn’t? being able to shop while in bed! Best thing ever! I had come across an online store called sheinside. It is a range of women’s clothing, shoes, accessories etc. The prices were crazy cheap. I had purchased this long black slit vest, at first I wasn’t sure about the quality of the item. However when I received it, it was a lightweight material that can both be worn for warmer seasons and the cooler seasons as well. Only $40!


Personally I try to spend more money on pants because I believe it is crucial to have the best quality for pants. This is because majority of the time I do wear pants so I have to invest in them! Although I don’t know about anyone else, but it takes me ages to find the perfect fitting pants. You know what I mean, It has to be short enough to fit me around the ankles without crinkling too much and tight enough around the waist without having a gap between the pants and my lower back. During boxing day last year I chose to go into Jeans West, definitely a store I don’t often go into. Nonetheless I found these beautiful white skinny jeans. They fit me perfectly around the waist and wasn’t crinkly at all! I purchased these for $55 which is an absolute bargain.


I have always had an unbinding love for sneakers, whether they are Adidas, Vans, Nike, or anything as such! I had own similar Adidas Originals as a child and they were my favourite! So when I had come across the Adidas Original Superstars, I knew I had to get them. I searched everywhere for them, but I was unsuccessful, until I came across an online footwear store from the UK called Foot Asylum. I figured out my sizing which in fact was the children size, crazy I know! I had purchased it for $120. However knowing my luck then the stores in my town centre started to supply them.


I had just recently purchased these Michael Kors Chelsea Blue Aviator Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. I adore these! Usually I’m one of those people who buys sunglasses and never wears them, however I spent good money on these so I need to make use out of them. I originally was going for the green aviators, however I had received good advice. The green would have made it really hard for me to style around it. I purchased these for $160

TIP: when you are in the market for sunglasses always try them on with your hair down then up to see the difference. Trust me it helps! 

Much love – Dusk Avenue

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