Spring Favourites


This weeks favourites are based around spring. It is probably my favourite season. So far I have a few favourites. So I divided them to make it easier for you!


Lush has to be one of my favourite places to go and honestly just have a browse around the store, I honestly find it soothing. I had purchased the Avobath Bath Bomb, it was my first time trying it so its safe to say I loved it! The bath bombs range from $6+. Another thing I had bought was the R&B Hair Moisturiser, I am all for healthy hair so this was a no brainer, it was $19.95 for 100grams. I was really excited to purchase the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask, as previously said I do have very dry sensitive skin so I had to try it, honestly it was great! my face felt like a baby’s bottom! I purchased it for $13.95. The only downfall for the face mask is, that there wasn’t an option for a larger quantity. I love lush products not just because they look good but because it is all natural. I feel confident using the products knowing there isn’t any harmful chemicals!


I talked briefly about my sunglasses in my Get The Look post. So they are the Michael Kors Chelsea Blue Aviator Sunglasses. I originally was going for the green aviators however  I realised it is much harder to style around them than the blue aviators. I wanted something I could wear all the time. It has the highest UV protection, which is the main part about purchasing sunglasses. We need to protect those eyes! I purchased them for $160 from Sunglass Hut.


Okay so these flats are not everyones cup of tea however I love them! I feel like as it is warming up I can surely find use for them. They are the Nike Benassi Swoosh Flats, I have worn them around the house and I must say your feet have to adjust but once they do they are so comfortable. I am considering wearing them for my next trip to Sydney! I purchased it from HYPE for $34.95. What a bargain!


As some people might know my fondness for perfumes. My latest purchase is the Givenchy Amarige perfume. No words can describe the love I have for this! Its a fun zesty fragrance.  Without a doubt something I will be using during the warmer months! It is on the pricey side, $160 for 100mls from David Jones. As I see it its about quality over quantity. Worth EVERY penny.


I had received this GUESS Bracelet from a dear friend as a late birthday gift. It is gorgeous, it includes beautiful detailing. Without a doubt it is very girly and I love it! I’m not sure how much it is or where to get it from as it was a gift however it is amazing on. I personally like to get out of my comfort zone and wear different things that I usually wouldn’t pick out for myself. You should try it too!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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