Outfit of the Day


This is the outfit I had worn for Eid on Thursday. I am honestly in love with this look, I feel like its a cross over of Kim Kardashians style and Kendall Jenners. You can dress it up or down which is always a bonus! I have the break down of the outfit below.

Tan Shirt Dress:

I was having a browse through Bardot store in my town shopping centre and I came across this beautiful suede shirt dress. At first I wasn’t sure because as you can tell I’m not very tall and my skin is tan as well, so I was contemplating getting it or not. However when I tried it on it looked amazing on! Do you guys ever have that? where you look at an item and you are not sure if it will look good, then you try it on and it look fabulous? Well I was glad I tried it on. Even better? I paid half price for it! $50, what a bargain! For this look I decided to pair it with black to help it contrast it and ensure the outfit really just ties in together. I found that it really shapes your curves to your advantage, which is always a plus!

Black Top:

My long sleeve top is just a basic item you can get from any clothing store. The one I have is from TEMT. I have gotten mine a while back, so for this look any long sleeve will do or if you prefer you can pair it with a short sleeve shirt. Its all up to your own preference and what you feel comfortable in. I bought my top for $15, which is reasonable for a basic long sleeve top

Black Tights:

I don’t usually wear tights however it seemed fitting because it wasn’t tight as what pants would be especially under the dress shirt. Besides who doesn’t love wearing tights? it is so comfy! I incorporated comfy and stylish together! I had purchased these tights from Kmart for only $10!


These flats I am currently obsessed with! I have been wearing every day since it came in the mail! I had purchased these from Betts Online Store, they were down from $69.99 to $34.99! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them! I feel like they are very chic and modern. I usually have trouble with flats because I always get blisters from them, but when I wore them and walked around it didn’t hurt at all, I had them on all day, it is because the thick strap is elastic which looks great as you cannot tell it is and still is comfy.


I love my accessories, I feel like it completes a look. If you guys know me you know I have to have a watch on at all times! I have a big collection of watches and to me they are such an amazing statement. For this look I wanted to go very minimal and chic, I paired my Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Watch which was a gift ($199), with a Rose Gold Mimco Bangle which I had purchased for $30. I also have on my Tiffany & Co. sliver key necklace, which I purchased for $450 a few years back.  I tried to keep it simple as I wanted it to tie in with the outfit rather than take all the attention.

TIP: It took me a very long time to realise this, but always dress and look the way you want. If you don’t feel comfortable don’t wear a dress, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing tight clothes don’t. Its all up to your own preference, don’t let anyone make you feel less, or even for what you like. This is your life and you need create it as you please, not for anyone else!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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