Make Up HAUL (Sephora, Mac, Ted Baker, Mecca)


As some of you know I made a little trip with a couple of friends to Sydney. My main purpose was to go to Sephora. I love living in Canberra however the only issue is that there is no Sephora…Yet! As soon as I walked in I wanted to buy everything! But come on, even I’m not that rich. So I narrowed it down to the things I really wanted and I did not hold back. I categorised it by the store I purchased it from.


This is where I did most of the damage!

 Sephora Exfoliant: I though it could work nicely, especially because I need to exfoliate more! I’ll give you guys an update of it! Price: $12-$15.

Sephora Face Masks: I always see people using this masks and I thought it would be a good idea to try it because I’m so slack when it comes to face masks. I got the Green Tea mask which is mattifying and helps blemishes. The second one I got was the Job’s Tears Mask this helps whiten and moisturise the skin. I don’t know about anyone else but I have uneven skin tone. So maybe these will help?! Price: $4 each

The Pore-Fessional by Benefit: I have heard such great reviews about this cream on Youtube, Instagram, basically everywhere! I knew I had to buy it, I am really excited about using it! I found it expensive for the size of the tube, but hey that’s just me! Price: $53

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow Palette: I am currently obsessed with eye shadows, however I love more of the browns, golds, anything very neutral. This includes 9 shades and they are very pigmented. Price: $42

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade: This is another products I heard incredible reviews about! I never used to worry about my brows back in the day, however now I had to make sure they look their best. I struggled finding which colour I needed, but one of the workers helped me out. I got it in the shade Ebony as I do have dark hair. I was disappointed I was unable to purchase the angled brush because they were sold out. Another Item I’m stoked to try! Price: $30

Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara: I am such a lashes girl! I think it’s because my lashes are fairly long naturally, so extending them with mascara I’m all for. I just couldn’t say no! I mean look at that packing, has mascara ever looked so good? Price: $20-$40

Kat Von D Lock It In Concealer: I have been struggling to find a good concealer that suits my skin and still gives coverage. I chose Kat Von D because I have the Shade and Light palette so I thought I’d love this too! Price: $20-$30

Sephora Instant Refresher Toner: I have so much trouble finding a good toner, so I’m giving Sephora’s toner a go. My previous toner was too harsh for my skin! Always be careful the last thing you want to do is damage your skin. Price: $10-$15

Sephora Night Serum: My skin care routine didn’t include a serum, so I came across this one, I haven’t started using it however I was told to put sunscreen on because it makes the skin more sensitive to the UV. I’ll keep you guys posted how it works out! Price: $40-$50

Sephora Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover: As I have mentioned before I’m a big fan of Eye make up more than anything! So when I do mine I always struggle washing it off completely. I was glad to find this, hopefully it won’t be too harsh on my eyes! We will soon find out Price:$10

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Spray: I always do my make up nice and never use a setting spray, I was lucky to find this lucky guy. It’s Make Up For Ever, how can you go wrong? Price$ 10-$15

I also got a free Sephora Sleeping Mask, probably because I spent so much! Always good to get free things.


Studio Fix Foundation: This is my GO TO make up! I have been using Mac since I first started using make up. I love the coverage this gives. I use NC30, however I feel like it is bit darker than my natural skin tone. I might need to be colour matched again. But it is worth investing it! Price:$49


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: As said perviously I only use one sort of foundation however I wanted to change that, I chose to get this foundation in Warm Beige. YUP.. I guessed it! It will be great for the warmer months as it isn’t a heavy coverage. I would rather not melt like an ice cream. Price: $40-$50

Too Faced Hangover Primer: I hardly use a primer, maybe I’m making a mistake? but I couldn’t help but get this primer. I heard great things about it, besides it’s not possible for Too Faced to make a bad product, is it?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I was dying to buy this mascara for the obvious reasons! Hence why I bought two, I got excited it happens! and is it just me but can we talk about Too Faced packaging? it is so pretty! Yes I’m a sucker for the packaging as well as the product.

Ted Baker 

Ted Baker Leather Shopper Bag: It’s not really a big spree without another designer bag added to the collection, huh? Ted Baker is currently my Favourite designer that I purchase a lot of items from. They are all so perfect, I really wanted a big bag because I have few designer ones that are medium to small and sometimes I’m in the mood to put 100 different things in my bag. As some people know I’m a very black person when it comes to bags. I always choose black regardless, however my best friend pressured me into choosing the nude one. I needed a change so I bought, it will be perfect for the warmer months, it will compliment so many outfits. Yes, I’m already using it, Its leather, can it be any more perfect?! Price: $300-$400

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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