Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipsticks (REVIEW)


NOTE: I am in no way sponsored to advertise these products by any organisation, I have purchased them with my own money.

I finally received my Liquid Lipsticks in the mail, I have been waiting for them forever! So I decided to review them for you guys!

I’m not going to lie I had no idea about Gerard Cosmetics until I was watching one of Nicole Guerriero’s videos and she had mentioned a few items she had and I always wanted to try them out. By the way Nicole is one of my FAVOURITE youtubers, I have been a fan for many years and I still continue to be! If you haven’t heard of her, you should check her out! Now back to the products, I always did want to try them but I live in Canberra AUS and the best we have is Mac and Mecca and Benefit. Now don’t get me wrong I love those stores but I have to travel to Sydney to go to Sephora. I swear everyone hates AUS  or something, because I feel like no online stores ship here, So it makes it so difficult to get a lot of good products. However I was surprised to see Gerard Cosmetics do ship here, that was already a bonus for me. When I was looking through their range I came across the new three liquid lipsticks and I knew I had to get them! I saw Carli Bybel (another amazing youtuber) rocking them and it looked amazing, but she is a goddess so everything look good on her! I’m a very neutral chick when it comes to lipsticks, I think it’s because I concentrate more on my eye make up, but don’t forget the lips!

I did to the swatches for all three colours and I was pleased!


I rarely wear a red lip, so purchasing it was a bit of a risk for me however the colour is an incredible red. I feel like it will suit many different skin tones (seriously.. what is better than that?) I don’t know when I’ll actually be using it but hopefully soon so I can show you guys! I love a red lip but I don’t wear it that often, it’s one of those things where you absolutely love it but you’re too scared of trying it yourself. So you tell yourself “Yes, I’ll try it and you always chicken out” But seriously guys! If you want to start from somewhere try Immortal before any other red lipsticks.


Ok this is definitely up my alley, I love this one! At first I was concerned it might be to similar to Ecstasy but I found this had more of a brown/ grey undertone. Which is great because I was searching for that, I tried stone from MAC but it wasn’t for me, it washed out my face too much. Invasion is very bold, it will look amazing with a neutral make up whether it’s for day or night. Anyone can rock this !


This is already my go to lip colour list. This is a gorgeous colour that again I believe will suit anyone! You can make it look really natural or a complete glam look, the choice is yours. I have been seeing many lip products that are based around this sort of colour (maybe because of King Kylie? Who knows!) especially on many more celebs. This colour helps accentuate the lips and make them look fuller because it is an easy colour to work with (I mean could you imagine over drawing your lips with a colour that is way to noticeable? not flattering! but again each to their own!) This is a universal lip colour that everyone needs in their make up kit, WITHOUT A DOUBT !

Gerard Cosmetics is an amazing company, all the products are gluten-free and cruelty free. I have only purchased their Hydra- Matte range and I must admit they are amazing in the application as well! It’s not drying on the lips which I’m glad because who wants dry-looking lips? Not me! Also all their products vary in price, however my Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipsticks are $20.00 USD (which converts to about $27.65 AUD) The only con about it is that I wish it contained more product than it does. I found it to be quite light. Hopefully I can get many uses out of it !

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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