Feeling Emotional? Changes In Life? Fake Friends?


Hi guys! (lol look at me trying to be all model like!)

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a post. It’s not that didn’t want to, I was just stuck in a bit of rut for a few days. I just couldn’t pull myself out of the negative thoughts. I’m one of those people who can help everyone else with their problems however for myself I find I can lift myself up into a positive mood perfectly fine, but for the few days I felt very stuck in those crazy emotions, I honestly just wanted to crawl up into a ball and sleep forever. I’m feeling like myself now so I thought it was well over due to do a post and finally be back doing what I love most! I am also so grateful for the amount of support I have received on my Instagram (as it is my main platform, check it out if you haven’t already!)

Now, I’m telling you it’s OK to feel things, I think that is what some people need to realise, it’s OK to feel sadness just don’t dwell on it that you forget to live (totally had a Harry Potter moment there!) But in all seriousness, no matter what it is you are strong enough to get through it. In life we reach a point where things will change, our wants and needs, our outlook, friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, work. But it’s nothing to be scared of because at the end of the day the people who love you will always be there and the people who are so-called “fake” will always find a way to leave. There is nothing you can do to change it, don’t ever hold it as guilt that it’s your fault. Most of the time these things are out of our control, however when someone treats you like you are worthless that is when you need to take control and say “I’m not letting this happen anymore”. People try to label it as “self-centred” or “selfish” it’s not! its called being “self protective”. If a person no longer helps you grow as a person and helps you progress in life, also lets more negative than positive in your life, there is no place for them. Trust me when I say that! It is an incredible feeling when you show those people the door out, whether it’s a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, coworker. I have grown so much as a person that I don’t even care if friends choose to leave because it’s not my problem anymore, their choice, I’m not going to be running after people, I’m just not that person. I’ll tell you guys my favourite quote that Kanye West said while accepting his award, I always repeat this to remind myself the truth, Kanye said “Nothing in life is promised except death”. Now I know its pretty gloomy, but it’s the truth? I mean how many chances do you get at life? ONE. All these dramas that hurt people on daily basis will mean nothing one day. Like I said my lovelies, feel all the emotions you need to, let it all out but don’t dwell that you let your life slip by. I always remind myself, do I really want to be sitting in a nursing home when I’m 80+ wishing I hadn’t worried what people thought about me, or wishing I followed my dreams, wishing I did all those crazy adventurous things I only dreamed of when I was a child. This is the only life you’re getting, why dwell on people who can’t see your worth? they already have made their mistake, the best thing you can do for yourself is let yourself move on from all of it and create a life you want. I am so passionate about my blog, this is what I love doing, this is the path I have chosen and I hope one day I am able to help people through my work.  I’ll ask you one question, if someone has a diamond and they throw it around and treat it like absolute crap. It doesn’t change the worth of the diamond, right? (don’t let others inability to see your worth change your own worth. That is why it’s called SELF WORTH. PS this last quote I came across on Instagram I’m not sure from who, but if I find out I’ll let you guys know!)

I’ll be posting much more this weekend, stay tuned!!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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