Outfit Of The Day – ADIDAS FEVER


So my sunday plan was to have a day dedicated to uploading more blog posts! BUT (if you follow me on Instagram @duskavenue) I met Tim Cahill! I waited for 3+ hours to get the book signed and a couple of photos. I know I’m crazy for waiting that long and I must admit I did get a headache waiting but it was so worth it, if some of you guys don’t know I’m a major soccer/football fan! So it was a no brainer huh? But I’m dedicated, so I chose to do not one but two OOTD posts. One for sunday night and one for the mid-week!


This is a basic Adidas Originals T-shirt, I have purchased this from Footlocker for $29.95. When I saw this it reminded me of the Yeezy collection because of the beige colour. Now currently I’m at a stage where I can’t justify spending $200+ for a top. Sorry that’s just not me, unless I was really rich, which I’m not (ugh why am I not a Kardashian!). I’m just an average girl! But that’s what I love though, sometimes it’s not about having that certain item, it’s about using your creativity to find something different. This is a mens T-shirt, yes I’m aware of that (LOL!) but I’ve mentioned before I like the shape of the mens one because I don’t like fitted T-shirts especially when I’m trying to recreate a look. That is just my preference, but each to their own!


These are just basic white skinnies I have bought from Jeans West couple years back, I have mentioned this in a previous OOTD. I purchased them for $55, which is great deal for a good pair of skinnies. Most of you guys know, I’m pretty curvy, I have an hourglass figure so sometimes it’s hard to find the right jeans but when you do it’s one of the best feelings in the world! I found wearing the wrong fit, whether it is too tight or loose it really gives your body a different look. Sometimes it’s not the most flattering look. It is something I have struggled with before but I guess it’s always a work in progress.


You can’t have a Adidas Fever OOTD without the beloved Adidas Originals Superstars.If you guys choose one thing I recommend, PLEASE listen to me. These are the most comfortable sneakers! So worth the money, I purchased it for $120. Pretty standard for Adidas sneakers, but they are life!


Ok so this one is not an accessory, so I actually wear glasses (I need them but then I don’t, if that makes sense!). It’s not a fashion statement, I just have pretty crap eyesight. I don’t know what the name is of the glasses are but they are DKNY, I love the black frames, I find it best suiting my face. One tip I would give would be always have someone with you when you are buying your glasses because it’s different what we see than to someone else (if that makes sense). Now the only accessory I am wearing is my Michael Kors Stop Hunger Watch. This watch is perfect, it is actually quite a large and heavy watch. I purchased this for $500. I splurged ok! (I try to justify spending money on watches, but it never ends up that way!)

I also just wanted to say you should never make yourself feel any less just because some people have different things in life. The life you have is given to you, you should make the most of it. But also strive for greatness, work hard and you can get anything in life.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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