Outfit Of The Day – GREY EDITION 

So this was my comfy Sunday outfit, I am currently in love with grey clothing. I know it’s the warm seasons but I don’t wear springy clothes. This outfit felt like I was wearing my pjs! So comfy, I love it!


This grey top is from H&M, I love it because of the arm detailing. It has a sheer material and it just adds that extra bit of funk to it. The material of the top is great, it is very soft and flowly. You know what’s better? It was only $20! I live for finding bargains. I don’t want people to think just because I love fashion and I buy expensive things that I completely undermined good deals. No! I am always ready to go shopping for bargains! There’s nothing wrong with that.


I remember walking past paraliment with my sister and I saw these pants on the mannequin. It was pretty much love at first sight (even though I don’t believe that, but that’s not the point! ) I bought them especially for my birthday party. I feel like you could dress these pants up and down, which I have done before. I bought them for $80, which is reasonably price for an item from paraliment. The only thing I don’t like about these pants is they don’t have pockets! (Ugh it makes me so angry! I need pockets on my pants lol )


I am in love with these beautiful shoes! I originally wanted the similar ones from Wittner shoes, however they no longer were available so I was having a look at cotton on and I saw these babies. They are very comfy because it’s soft if that makes sense, the Wittner ones were much harder material maybe they could give blisters? I don’t know, but the ones I got, I feel like they are well worth $25 for the quality. I find them very good for every day, they are definitely a style that compliments majority of outfits. I think everyone should invest in these shoes!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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