The Peach Box / Marc Bale Watch REVIEW

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Hi my lovelies!

This has to be one of my favourite flat lays I have done! So Friday night I went to pick up my package, I ordered myself a beautiful bracelet from The Peach Box and a chic yet gorgeous watch from the new Marc Bale Watches range. The Peach Box is an Australian fashion jewellery store for everyone who loves chic and modern items, Marc Bale watches is from the same team, they have created modern timepieces that is luxurious and affordable (can there be anything better than that?) As most of you guys know I live for watches, it has been something I have been loving for years now. I don’t know what it is about watches that I need to just collect them. I guess I just have a passion for timeless pieces. I came across the peach box a while back, I think it was around the time of my birthday, I wanted to a few items because they were all just so gorgeous I couldn’t decide so I thought I would wait until I narrowed it down. FINALLY I chose what I wanted, I decided to get the Crystal T bangle in rose gold and the rose gold mesh watch. I know rose gold is very in style so I thought why not? Individually they are both very chic and simple but together it creates such an elegant look, I am honestly in love. You know what they say, simplicity is the key! The Peach Box and Marc Bale have hit the nail on the head, not just with the products but the consideration that not everyone wants a hefty bill to have elegant jewellery. That is why I love both brands, I can still make a statement with the items without my bank account being on life support. I mean come on, we all have had one or more of those times where we had no money in our account due to shopping spree? (me every pay LOL) I have given myself the task of buying every Marc Bale Watch so I can review them for you guys!  They are definitely worth every penny!

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The Peach Box / Marc Bale Watches –

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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