How To Turn A Negative Day Into A Positive One!

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Hi my friends!

So for these past few weeks I have been all about the positive vibes!  I always say, it’s all a work in progress. For this post I really wanted to focus on a bad day any individual is having and trying to make it into a positive. I mean don’t get me wrong I have days I want to stay in my bed forever, but I believe it’s more so trying to find that ONE thing positive out of that day. It is hard but it isn’t impossible!

Usually my bad days start off with not having enough sleep, sound familiar? (LOL happens to me all the time!) I have started realising how beneficial it is to get a good night sleep, not just for your own performance but your health aswell.  The only way you can really fix this is to go to sleep early, I found limiting the use of your technology before you go to bed helps. If you really struggle with getting to sleep, some relaxing music would be great! I used to listen to Ed Sheeran before actually falling asleep and I would sleep like a baby (I mean Ed Sheeran’s voice is a gift from God!)

There are many other things that could make someones day negative but if I list them all I’ll be doing this for days! As an overall whether it has to do with work, friendships, school, family or relationship, it can ruin your day whatever the situation may be. Now the way I deal with my “bad” day might be very different to everyone else but it reflects myself as a person. I usually mull about it for a little while (not a good way I know!) then I think about it, why is it affecting me so much? does it really matter? things like that. This way whatever I’m overthinking about I question myself is it really as big as I am making it out to be? One of the most important things that I repeat to myself every day is that “I am grateful, for the life I have, for my family, for my loved ones. We are all alive and healthy, God has blessed me.”  This automatically makes my day better because I realise no matter how many times I have bad days I know it will be ok, I choose to focus on more important things than on something I will forget about in a month. BUT in saying that it is ok to have a bad day but just make sure you have one thing to be happy about! You can do other things such as your favourite hobby to take your mind off of it, spend time with whom ever you choose. This way at the end of the day you can think of the positives from that day!

Quoting one of my favourite actors (may he rest in peace) he said;

 You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. – Paul Walker 

I give you all a challenge, whenever you are having a bad day remember “I am grateful, for the life I have, for my family, for my loved ones. We are all alive and healthy, God has blessed me.” even if you don’t believe in God, be grateful, repeat it to yourself until you don’t have to anymore. Once you start looking at the positives, a whole world of opportunities open up for you! You just have to start!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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