Priceline Goodies! 

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Hi lovelies! So as some of you might know through Instagram, my MacBook has suddenly stopped working so I am unable to do my proper blog posts as I usually do, so I’m currently doing them through my phone. I am committed so here I am haha! I’ll get it fixed as soon as I can 🙂
Now, Priceline was having a huge cosmetics sale for two days last week. Ok so I always buy expensive high end make up, it’s because when I started using make up first I had and still do have really sensitive skin so I never bought any drugstore brands. I always reached out for MAC,  Chanel, Dior etc. However I thought what the hell let’s try some out, I must admit at first I was hesitant because of the quality but I’m not disappointed! I got the following;
NATURAL GLAM Duo Fibre Brush
I didn’t really need any brushes but I guess I got overwhelmed while shopping! It’s very soft and I think I’ll make good use of it.
COVERGIRL Eye Shadow (705)
I love this! When my sister got back from overseas, this was one of many things she brought back. She actually had it on and I loved it, I thought it was urban decay or something! Then she told me it was just the COVERGIRL Eye Shadow. I was stunned but I now I have been using it forever. It has great pigmentation and the colours are to die for! It has gorgeous gold and bronze colours! This is something that I recommended 100%
MODELS PREFER Nude Eyeshadow Palette
This palette caught my attention because it is a nude eye shadow palette (is there anything better? ) I never reach out for crazy eye shadow colours like green or blue. I’m very basic, this palette comes with 10 shadows, all gorgeously pigmented and it comes with an applicator. To me it’s a pretty standard palette.
MODELS PREFER Contouring Stick
I’m pretty sure this is a universal contouring stick (what I say to myself when I’m in denial, just kidding! Lol) I just got it because I suck at cream contour so I want to practice, who wants to be my model? Any takers???
MODELS PREFER Cream Blush (Flirt)
This is very creamy on the skin (lol hence the name!) I feel like this shade might be abit too pink for me however maybe if blend it like there is no tomorrow it might look nice? I don’t know I need to try it out! But worth the money !
MODELS PREFER Matte Moisture Lust Lip Tint (Sweet Rhubarb)
Wow I didn’t realise I got a few Models Prefer products! This is something that I got for my every day especially that it’s hot in Australia I don’t want heavy make up. This gives a natural look with alittle bit of colour. I love it!
BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Mascara and Felt Eye Liner Pen
So this brand is really really affordable !! I thought if I’m trying all these brands why not try this! While doing this blog post I checked out the eye line, it’s so precise I can write my name in cursive! I suck at eye liner so let’s see if this helps me!
SAVVY Lip Liners (Rose / Pink)
These both remind me abit like my Mac lipliner switch the colours but quality it’s what you expect for a drug store brand! It’s good but not great. Rose is a matte pinky colour and PINK is a  darker pink with glitter through it. Not a lot but subtle!
AUSTRALIS Tint my Brow  (Dark Brown)
I only got this because Shani Grimmond uses this and she always says good things about it and I do my brows but I don’t use a tint so I thought it was time for a change! Hope it makes my brows look on fleek (knowing my luck probably not!)
MAYBELLINE Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner
So I tried this out on my hand to see the consistency, I don’t think I’m happy with it because I don’t have a lot of control over the liner as I did with the beauty essentials liner. I feel like I’ll make many mistakes using this as my liner. However I’ll be a trooper I’ll try it out properly then see how it is.
So this my Priceline goodies I have gotten, I’ll try to upload as much as I can through my phone and fingers crossed my laptop is fixed soon!
P.S so much love for everyone I have hit 6,000 followers on Instagram. If you don’t follow me already check it out @duskavenue !

Much Love- Dusk Avenue

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