Hi guys! firstly I wanted to mention I have a giveaway on my Instagram that ends tomorrow evening so enter while you can! details are on the post already !

So today’s topic is relaxing! I’ve talked about many times about emotions and feelings but I felt like focusing on relaxing. I’ll let you guys know what I do to relax myself after a crazy day or just having me time. As we all know having “ME” time is essential. I’m about 98% of the time with someone, so for myself it gets bit stressful because I need alone time whether to read a book, do some blogging, listen to music or do some colouring in. It helps me focus on my self and lets me have some down time. I have always said in my posts whatever I recommend it is because it helps me I’m no expert, just sharing my experiences!

Thinking back at the start of the year till now so much has changed for myself in my professional and personal life. I used to be a person who was always on the go (still am I guess lol) but I never took time out for myself, didn’t do anything that was relaxing for my mind and body (that is probably why I ended up getting stressed). I made myself like a robot, I would work then I would be studying then work at my other job. Along side this (As we all do) I had a crazy personal life. It was a lot to deal with but I didn’t stop because at that time I was trying to please a lot of people, whether it was family, friends or work. As the year progressed, I was mentally and physically strained. I realised I would end up bad if I continued like this. However slowly but surely I started to do things for myself and prioritise myself (something a lot of people need to learn!). It isn’t wrong to prioritise yourself, it’s not selfish! I started to figure out what I like as a person and what relaxes me. I found listening to music while I exercise helps me deal with a lot of things and surprisingly helps me relax. Other things I do is, I love taking baths (in saying that I have to use a bath bomb or bath melt for it to be relaxing!) it helps me clear my mind out from all those negative thoughts I get occasionally. I also love to read and watch inspirational things (ok mostly Kanye West but hey there is nothing wrong with that!) Something I have recently discovered is colouring in books! I know its very “in” with those relaxing books. I personally don’t know if I like those ones specifically for relaxing because I have had a look and those patterns look like they would annoy me so much instead of relaxing! I could imagine myself screaming if I coloured outside of the lines and then throw a tantrum. Also as many of you guys know I am a super big fan of Harry Potter so my sister took the liberty of buying me the Harry Potter Colouring in book and pencils. All I say is I love it! maybe because it is harry potter but it helps me concentrate but relax at the same time if that is even possible!

I think the best thing anyone can do is take time out for themselves, do what you love to help you relax! everyone needs down time! I hope this helps you guys, especially getting an insight on what I like to do to relax.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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