Gift Guide – Christmas Edition (PART 2)


Hi guys, here is part 2!

So this post I’m focusing on perfumes (well duh…smart one lol) I have done it in a way where you have options of high end or more affordable which is just as good!  If some of you don’t know I have a major obsession with perfumes, I have so many it’s not normal for one person! (are any of us normal though? just kidding!) But seriously! currently I have been loving my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. It has been a favourite since I have  received it, it is on the pricy side ($180) but it is worth every penny. Another one of my high end favourite for this season is the Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto, it is an amazing perfume to gift, again it is on the pricy side ($120). But it is perfect for someone in your life that loves the brands. Now on to more affordable perfumes that I have selected. I love Justin Bieber, I have since baby released back when I was in high school. I have all his perfumes, my favourite has to be The Key. I don’t know what it is about this perfume that I love so much but I’ve gotten my mum and my sister addicted to it! When it released it was more expensive however now they are about $30-$50 for a decent size, I mean can there be anything better? Lastly Ed Hardy, I honestly didn’t know who Ed Hardy was before my sister introduced me to this perfume and my goodness it’s amazing ! I have already used 2 bottles and I have a back up one too (because you all know how much I love my back up items!) It is about $25 which is a great price !

Now advice for everyone, perfumes are a very personal item to get for someone as a present, you have to have an idea of what sort they like. That way you avoid any unwanted gifts! I think perfumes are a great gift option because if you select the right one, you have hit the nail on the head my friend! I also wanted to show you guys the different price comparisons, yet they are all fantastic perfumes. I believe that applies with most things! Especially if you are having christmas on a budget (there is nothing wrong with that, I have to budget my whole life – reasons that soon will be revealed!) I can assure you a present that you put love into it will mean more than spending hundreds! This is what I want for my gift guide, is for people to understand it’s not just about presents it’s about the memories being with your loved ones. That is what we need to keep close to our hearts.. at the end of the day that is what will last. I can assure you a present that you put love into it will mean more than spending hundreds!

Part 3 Coming soon!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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