Gift Guide – Christmas Edition (PART 3)


Hi guys!

Welcome to part 3! We are talking about LUSH! Now we all know well enough that I love LUSH (typical girl thing? I don’t know but ah well I love it regardless!) This is probably one of the easiest gifts to get someone, male or female. LUSH has an amazing range of bath essentials, cosmetics etc. Now you can always get specific items that you like or you know the person whom you are buying for likes and make a goodie basket. This could include bath bombs, bath melts, face masks or other goodies you find. This is a great option for guys as well. Don’t be hesitant because it seems girly but who doesn’t want a guy who takes care of their skin or takes time to relax! nothing wrong with that! Now if you are someone who isn’t into the whole taking time out for it and you just want something ready. Well you’ll be excited to hear they have gift boxes that are already wrapped with a few items in it. There are a selection of them, so depending on which size or theme you want. I have seen a few christmas themed ones on sale too, I mean is there anything better than having bath essentials that smell like christmas!? Can I just mention the packing though? the wrapping is amazing! They range about $20+, again it all comes down to how much you want to spend. I have recently been doing that with buying gifts or just general use of my money really. I try to figure out how much I want to spend on an item before getting it this way I have set myself a bit of a budget. Once you start doing this, it starts to get easier and you can manage your money much simpler. Ok so we know how many amazing products lush have and we also talked about the gift packs but there is one other option if you want it lush related. You can always buy a voucher. This ensures they will love it (if they are a fan of lush, obviously!) but more so they will able to choose what they want from there. I know people say gift cards aren’t a very nice gift but come on I can assure you people would be cheering if they got gift cards. This is a great option for gifts because it’s so much fun to use and it’s not breaking your bank account either!

Stay tuned for part 4!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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