Gift Guide – Christmas Edition (PART 4)


Welcome to Part 4!

This is for my big spenders, We all know I love watches and is there a better expensive gift than a beautiful watch? Well whether it is for a guy or a girl it is an amazing option. There are many different designs and different brands. As I have said it depends how much you want to spend, there is watches that are amazing and they are less than $200 or there are many that are over $1000. It really depends, some of my favourite are on my flat lay above they range from $100+. You really have to know the person you are buying it for to able to find the perfect one! example are they more of a bling person or a simple design person. This will help you establish which one they will love. You can find amazing deals online or in stores such as Myer or David Jones. There is many online stores that sell beautiful pieces for good prices that are unisex (many of them have Instagram e.g. Christian Paul, Marc Bale, Daniel Wellington, etc) so it’s a good idea to shop around. Currently I have my eye on a GUCCI watch which is well over $1500, anyone love me enough to get it for me for christmas? (kidding not kidding lol)

TIP: Make sure the website you are buying the watch from is authentic especially if they are designer! E.g. Michael Kors website doesn’t ship to Australia so I buy most of my items from Neiman Marcus. They are licensed to resell them from Michael Kors. I have listed websites that are authentic, check them out!

Neiman Marcus –

Nordstrom –

Myer –

David Jones –

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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