Gift Guide – Christmas Edition (PART 6)


Hi my loves to another edition for my gift guide! hope everyone is doing well.

Today I’m talking mostly about creative gifts. Above is a flat lay I look of pen covers. Now if you are familiar with my Instagram I have posted a few times of these beaded pen covers. My sister is so creative, she self taught herself  how to make these amazing unique pen covers. I have so many in my stationary collection, lets just say I won’t be without a pen for a while! She incorporates different techniques and colours to make different types.  When the pen runs out all you have to do is take it out and put a new pen! Currently she is working on a few christmas themed ones, which I will be posting on my Instagram so stay tuned!

Previously I have talked about a few gifts that can alter to expensive and affordable but you know what else is great? making something (well if you are creative I guess!) It’s a thoughtful gift knowing how much love you put into it. Now if you aren’t a creative person you can always get handmade presents from little boutiques. I find it very endearing, it can always be personalised! Handmade presents can be given as an extra gift and it is perfect for everyone! Some ideas can be making a scrapbook, or decorating a plain book and adding 50 things you love about them. Things like this are so thoughtful it’s impossible to go wrong. There are amazing ideas on Pinterest so if you want to be creative and you don’t know how check it out on there! You will find an idea without a doubt! Just remember it’s the season of love, spending time with loved ones. Make sure they know how much they mean to you!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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