Cherry Picking – My Experience



Hi guys! I hope you all are having a great weekend!

As some of you would know from my previous post I had gone on a family trip yesterday, we went cherry picking in a small town called Young (NSW). It is well know for picking your own fruits, especially cherries. It is a cute little town. It was so much fun, however the only down side of it was that it was so hot, 42 degrees celsius hot! We left together around 7:00am and the driving period was 1 hour and 45 minutes but it felt like forever because there was so many little roads! I mean if you guys have done road trips in AUS, majority of the time it is a straight highway road right?  Well driving to Young, it has a few back roads and it is bumpy (don’t get me started how many times I wanted to stop the car to get some air!) Also it looked really freaky because there wasn’t any cars for miles and my GPS kept dropping out of service (safe to say I thought we were going to die!) Do you blame me? we were in the middle of no where, ahhh! I freaked out because usually the only road trips I do, is either to the beach, Sydney or Melbourne. So it was very different for me, but I’m for always getting out of my comfort zone. I mean come on there is so much living to do. When we arrived there was so many orchids to choose from, we chose one that had a picnic area. We parked our car and knowing me I needed the toilet, the man had directed me in the right direction. I literally couldn’t breathe, it smelt so bad, so I refused to go! (It reminded me of some Texas Chainsaw shit no joke guys) I ended up finding my dad and we both went to get the buckets for picking the cherries. We spent a good hour just picking them. The longer we were there the more people showed up. It was like a competition who can get the best cherries. Myself,  my mum and sister ate so many cherries that people were judging us (but you gotta do what makes you happy and we all know food makes me happy!) After picking so many cherries we decided to have a picnic, it was so sweet because we don’t do this sort of thing. I think often we forget about our family, I mean we know our family is always there for us so maybe we undermine it? It sounds funny I know, but I loved being around nature, and the animals it made it a perfect day with my family. We live life on the fast track, we sometimes lose the ability to take a minute and shut everything out and just spend time with your loved ones. It was a memorable day to say the least! So don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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