LAST Minute Gift Ideas!

xmasHi lovelies, I hope you are all doing well on this fine day! (p.s not my photo!)

I thought this would be perfect post for all you people out there who are trying to find last minute inspo for a gift. Now in my christmas edition (yes the one I lost all my content from my laptop lol) I had mentioned various different options, but I feel like because it’s last minute the gift cards are a splendid idea. I mean if you really want to you can wrap the gift card to be festive. But this way at least you’ll know they will like it.

Now if you are leaning more towards the homemade avenue. You can always purchase one of those jars that contain ingredients for cookies, muffins etc. I know that you can buy these ready made but you can also make it yourself if you have enough time. This would be perfect for someone who loves baking or food in general (I literally can’t think of anyone that doesn’t love food! LOL, so it is a no brainer huh!)

Another quick idea would be to purchase a few pamper ideas. The best place you can go is *drumroll..* LUSH (of course! could you expect anything different from me? but if you don’t like lush or you’d rather spend less they have amazing little bits and bobs in Target and Kmart.) You can go into Lush can you can buy the ready made boxes which I have mentioned earlier or you can buy a few products and make a pamper basket yourself, by pampering I mean like bath bombs, face masks, scrubs, anything you want really! This way instead of spending a fortune you can just simply get a few items together make it look you have. You can alter this from pampering products to different themes. Some of which can include movies, books, make up, home deco, and so forth. The list is endless, this can be changed for guys and girls. I love pamper baskets especially if the person you are getting it for needs to relax or if they just love those sorts of gifts. Now one of my favourites would have to be a movie basket. I haven’t done it yet but it would be amazing! You pick out a couple of movies (JB HI FI has killer deals for movies!) and get some snacks (whatever snacks they like) some popcorn and make it look festive with some cute detailing. End result you have an amazing movie basket that you can alter for whom ever you are getting it for!

I hope this helps you guys out!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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