Christmas Spirit!


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope everyone’s day is filled with joy and blessings.

So this is the end of my Christmas Edition 2015! I thought what would be better than talking about what Christmas is all about. I mean I feel like I have talked about everything but the importance! We have all heard it 100 times, christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and being grateful. I can stress enough of how true it is. Many of you guys know I’m Persian, so technically speaking I don’t celebrate Christmas. However my parents have always been happy with the idea of us celebrating christmas with our friends and to be in the spirit. My parents have always taught me to respect everyone and their beliefs. They have always surrounded me with positivity and morals that one day I hope I can teach my children. Culturally we have our own Christmas which is called EID, so instead of getting gifts we get money and it is twice a year. Also can we just take a minute to appreciate the food and the desserts. It is beyond amazing! (probably why I’m getting a triple chin lol) So it is the same concept but it isn’t as festive as christmas. (How lucky for me I had christmas 3 times a year!) On a serious note, I have never let the propaganda of the media and the opinion of few others take away my christmas spirit because of “religion” and “stereotype”. I mean what does it matter what people think, just because you have diverse background. I am proud of who I am and you should be too!

I still remember being in primary school and at the end of the year we got back all our christmas craft and our class would be decorated with tinsel, christmas trees. Then my parents would take me to our town centre and take a photo with Santa, then get a few little presents (those were the good days..). When I remember those memories, I have a warm fuzzy feeling because I’m thankful for it all. I guess what I’m trying to say is in years time you will want to have those memories from christmas that you can share. So just remember that christmas isn’t about who can spend the most money on presents or you didn’t get the present you wanted, it’s about the people around you. If you have people that care about you beside you, to me you are the richest of them all. People out there don’t even have that. So be humble, grateful and remember you are always blessed with the loved ones around you during this festive season!

Now get off your phone/Ipad/Computer and spend time with them !

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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