Boxing Day Shopping!



Hi guys! As you guys can tell I had a successful boxing day shopping! How did you guys go?

So I bought a lot more stuff but they were just some stuff for home, which I can feature in another post,  if you guys would like that? The main goodies I got are in my flat lay! I went with my mum and my sister, we started off at 9am in the CBD and it was already packed! (what else do you expect huh?) we looked around for a while and I ended up picking the following;

MAC Prep + Prime Fix Spray

I tried it this morning however it sprays too fast which I found quite odd, I’m a little annoyed because it doesn’t spray like a setting spray would. Unless I’m using it wrong, or the pump isn’t good, lol who knows, Help me out guys!

The Balm liquid lipstick

I saw this specific colour (Charming) on Instagram and I knew I had to get it. Also it is such a beautiful colour you can wear on a daily basis. It is very creamy and does not dry out my lips at all! I will be purchasing more of them.

Benefit Cosmetics 

I love the POREfessional so I bought another one because you can’t have too many, what it does is it blurs out pores and gives a flawless look overall. It is on the pricey side however I believe it is worth it if you haven’t found any other good products! Another item I purchased was That Gal Primer, I have a few primers but I have been disappointed with a few of them so I’m trying to find the best one. You all know I suck at eyeliner but I couldn’t resist getting the They’re Real Eye Liner, it has an angled liner which hopefully will make it easier for me (we all know eye liner smells fear, then you screw it up! ) The last item I got from Benefit was the Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain, now I’m not really a blush person (even though I have heaps of them) honestly sometimes I forget to use it, but I really wanted to try this out and it can be used as a lip stain. What is better than multi use for products!  The only thing that I don’t like is the pricing, I feel like it is a little over priced (ok try to stay with me on this) I feel like for the quantity you purchase it isn’t enough! Don’t get me wrong I love benefit but it is a tad expensive and you all know how much I love my bargains!


I bought a few of tops from ZARA, they are nice quality and I’m excited to wear them! My favourite was the grey casual T- shirt that says ‘Backstage Fashion Week’. I feel like it will be perfect with a pair of jeans and my adidas originals. They were about 50% off, which was ridiculously good!


Whenever I go into target I literally go straight to the movie section, so thats exactly what I did this time. I picked up Hot Pursuit and San Andreas, both are movies I hadn’t watched before, so I thought what the hell. I know if my sister didn’t drag me out I would have bought probably another 10 movies (I have no self control guys…especially with movies.)


If you are confused Platypus is a shoe store, they stock all the best shoes like adidas, nike, timberlands etc. Now I went to have a look… just a harmless look. My sister bought the original Timberlands and I was telling her how much I loved the black ones, so we had a look and I found them. Confidently, I was like so oh don’t worry I just want to try them on but I won’t get them (We all know how that ends!) When I wore them it was like when Cinderella wore that glass slipper, except the fact that these are boots. I literally died, I looked at my sister and she knew I wanted them. So she paid half of them as a late christmas gift and then I paid the rest. They are a hefty price but come on… I had my Cinderella moment with Timberland boots! If that isn’t a fairytale, I don’t know what is!

Windsor Smith

You have all seen my black flats that I always wear that are from betts, well say hello to these new babies! I found these at Windsor Smith, they are the same but they are in a gorgeous nude colour! I must say they look amazing! so happy with this purchase but going to admit my sister hated me cause they didn’t have it in her size and I still bought them.

HairHouse WareHouse 

Guys, I didn’t know HairHouse Warehouse stocked Anastasia Beverly Hills. I was so happy to get the powder contour kit because I have hit the pan on my Kat Von D palette and I wanted to try a different one. I mean watching all these make up tutorials on youtube, I have seen many good reviews on it so I had to get it! I got the light to medium because I think it will complement my skin more than if I got the darker one.

This concludes my Boxing Day Shopping!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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