Outfit Of The Day – PINK EDITION 

Hi guys, how is everyone? I’m sorry I can’t reply to you guys on instagram, I’m blocked till Wednesday. It sucks ! For today’s OOTD, I chose to do a Pink Edition, which is so unlike me! but honestly it’s growing on me. What do you guys think?


This beautiful baby pink vest is from Tokito City. I only have a few items from this brand but honestly it’s great quality. The only place I know you can buy it is at MYER. I love this vests material, it’s not too thin because it crinkles way too quickly and it’s not too thick either. I bought it on sale for $69.99 which was down from $120 (Myer sales knows what’s up!) I paired this vest with just my basic white top which is again from temt. I love my basic tops, they just go with everything and I literally live in them! I bought it it for $14.99 which is pretty averaged price for them. I wanted to create a soft but a chic look, which I did with adding white to the whole look. It is one of those clothing items that you can either dress it down or up and we all know those are the best types! because you can literally make it look like a different item, I believe when you wear a colour you can actually alter the intensity with the item you pair it with. It is the same concept with lipsticks, hair colour etc!


I chose to make the look really simple so I wore my white pants which I had rolled up because they are too long!(#shortgirlproblems lol) I have mentioned these pants before, they are from jeans west and I bought them for $50 (I think!) guys just be careful when buying white pants, try to go for more of a better quality because sometimes they are too thin and you can see the undies and it’s not the best look! The better quality you get the longer it will last, well hopefully! But it does depend on how you take care of the product aswell. 


Everytime I wear these shoes I feel like Kendall Jenner. I got these from HYPE for $60 I think..(honestly I don’t remember the price!) I feel like everyone needs atleast one pair of these type of shoes. So if you want to invest in shoes, these babies are the one! They don’t give me blisters which is always a plus because it’s the worst thing when you buy those amazing shoes you wanted for the longest time and you end up getting blisters. It’s like you have been betrayed (the most relatable feeling guys! )


I love this pretty pink bag from Forever New, I stole it off my sister which she had bought for $40. She never used it so I was just recycling it! I thought it would be a perfect contrast with the whole look. As you guys know I love my black bags so it was something very different for me to use pink. But honestly I love how it turned out. I think I might have to invest in a coloured bag next! 

So that’s the end of the OOTD Pink Edition! Let me know what you guys think and what else you want to see! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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