Favourites of the Week!

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Hi guys! It has literally been forever since I have done a favourites or atleast it feels like it has!

Chi Chi Beauty Blenders

My first item is the Chi Chi beauty blenders, now I know the all the hype about the beauty blenders. I purchased my first one from Priceline and honestly I hated it. I felt like just soaked the foundation completely and it didn’t give a flawless finish. I was having a look at target when I came across this set, at first I was reluctant because I thought it would be the same. But dude when I tried it, holy moly it literally feels like I am using a marshmallow on my face. There is no other way to explain it! It is so soft it’s unbelievable, also I noticed my make up looked flawless each time. Each beauty blender has a different shape so it helps blend out the specific area (e.g. contour, highlight, nose etc.) I bought this set for $15 which is a ridiculous bargain for the quality of them. If you guys are in search of beauty blenders, try them out and let me know what you think!

Arizona Drink 

My first drink/food favourite I have featured! I don’t know if many of you guys know I try to stick to water  as much as I can but can we just take a moment for the Arizona drinks! They are an American drink brand and they are like no other. My current favourite is the green tea with honey, obviously it’s not healthy but it just tastes so yummy. There is a American candy store I go to which is in Canberra’s Direct Factory Outlet. It has all American candy including twinkies (reference to zombieland if you have seen that movie lol). They are about $4.50 each which sucks because on the can, it says 99cents. I wish Australia was cheap #brokealways. They are great if you just want to have drink here and there!

The Balm Liquid Lipstick 

Of course a lip product would be featured! I have been currently loving my Liquid lipstick from The Balm. There are days I’m so on the go and I want to put a lipstick on that I don’t have to keep retouching every 10 minutes. This lipstick range is currently my go to, it stays on for hours (depending if you are eating lol) Also it has a cool minting feel when you put it on, it almost feels like you are using a lip plumper (another added bonus) I bought it for $19.95, I think thats pretty reasonable for a Matte Liquid Lipstick.

Pen Case

I have talked about my sisters pen covers she makes in a previous post, but guys I love it. I feel like it’s personalised just for me (I mean it is, but you get the gist!) I have a ton of them and I keep at least one in my bag. She just recently made me a beautiful nude pink and gold. It is already my favourite one. I think they are just a lot of fun, it’s something different. I like having things that are personalised just for me. I’ll show you guys a couple of other ones I have as well!

Benefit POREfessional / Benefit That Gal Primer

These primers are life. They are great separately but guys using these together, I can’t even describe how great it is. I use the POREfessional first which blurs out pores helps even out the skin, then I go in with That Girl which is a brighting face primer. When you have done this you face will look blurred and matte, it makes the application of foundation so much easier. The only negative aspect is that they both are $53 each, which I find quite expensive. It is one of my many items that I love but the price kills me. I think they have packs that you can buy, which means you get little bit more for your money, seriously thought guys you won’t regret it if you buy it!


Ahhh it’s the Christian Dior ‘So Real’ sunnies! Just kidding guys they are just a replica from amazon. I honestly couldn’t justify spending $700+ on a pair of glasses. It’s not because I can’t afford them, but I try to think about it realistically. I change my mind like there is no tomorrow with sunnies. It would be pretty stupid if I spent that and just chucked them in my room when I get over it. I am not going to lie I did that with the Michael Kors sunnies I got, hence why you guys should consider just finding a pair of affordable ones if you are the same as me. I bought these for about $25 and you know what? they are polarised and they look good! Each to their own though, just a handy tip if you get over items too quickly!


Thats the end of my favourites!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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