First Impression / Time Label Watch

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Hi loves, I thought today I would do a first impression for you guys!

You all know I’m such a watch fanatic, so through Instagram I recently discovered Time Label, which is a watch label from Melbourne (Australia). This specific is called the HARRY watch, it is limited edition because of the skull illustrations on the face. They are hand crafted by Melbourne artists which is pretty cool because Melbourne is so hip for their artists! There are only 300 of the HARRY watches then they release a new model. Each watch has a number, it shows which one it is from the 300 of them (how cool is that? you can literally know which number watch is yours! mine is 103)

This watch has a very different style, when I first saw it I was reluctant because it’s not a design I usually go for. However I started liking it more and more. It is a classic watch with a uniqueness, the face of the watch is quite big and I love it for when I am wearing street style outfits. I feel like you can wear this watch for a formal event and you can even wear it on a lazy Sunday out to brunch with your friends.Also whats better than supporting Australian brands? (I mean if you live in Australia) It is very versatile and it is honestly perfect for all the time but especially summer, because I hate wearing heavy watches when it is so hot (I’m so not a summer person!) This watch almost feels like you aren’t even wearing watch! The only downside of Time Label is that they don’t have all the designs out, because I would buy them all!  The HARRY watch retails for $149, worth every penny if you are looking for a reasonable priced watch with a flare to it!  I think Time Label have done an amazing job with this watch! I can’t wait to see what other designs they come out with !

Instagram – Time Label 

Website –

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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