Patissez FREAK Shakes

Hi guys, this is my first post for my FOOD category! Now I thought I’d add it because I’m such a foodie and I thought why not help people discover great places to eat. I hope you guys love it!

If you live in Australia, you have all heard the hype about Patissez which is located in Canberra (Manuka and now in the City!). I have been a few times however this was the first time I was actually able to sit down (only because we went at exactly the time it opened!) It’s a very cute little cafe and it has good food. The service is great, very friendly! I love the freak shakes! (photo above is called the Gay Pat). Now if you aren’t familiar with them, they are shakes that are freakishly BIG! They have a variety of different flavours, my favourite is the Pretzel and Nutella (sorry I forget the name!) It’s a perfect balance between sweet and salty, trust me when I say everyone needs to try it atleast once. It is one of those things you just need to have it to understand! The only thing I can recommend is to eat minimum or nothing before having the freak shakes because they are ridiculously filling. The freak shakes are just something fun to have once in a while and not to mention so Instagram worthy! So if you are ever in Canberra, you need to try it out!

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