30 Facts About Me


Hi guys I thought I’d do something different today because I feel like not everyone knows a lot about me. Now you all know what I look like but I like this selfie, So I thought I’d add it in!

1. I’m Persian but I have been raised in Australia nearly all my life.
2. I am 20 years old (I literally feel so old)
3. I love Nutella, like I really love it.

4. I eat at nandos atleast once a week, did I mention I love nandos? (Lol that rules out if I’m vegetarian)

5. I’m a TV show addicted, I love so many of them and yes I have time for them all! (None of this Netflix! I buy them on dvd)

6. I have 2 sisters and a brother

7. I am a die hard Harry Potter fan (so don’t diss it infront of me or I’ll probably go into full fan mode lol)

8. The furtherest I’ve travelled is to Melbourne (how depressing.. I know)

9. I’m a tea person not a coffee person

10. I have braces for my chompers (teeth guys.. Teeth haha)

11. I follow football/ soccer like there is no tomorrow (but I follow European teams)

12. I shop so much and I try to advise myself on budgeting (all I can say is HAHAHAHA)

13. I like to think of myself as a genius

14. I’m a qualified Educator at an Early Childhood Education Centre (I love children guys)

15. I don’t forgive easy (just the person I am)

16. I’m very self protective and protective of my family (because at the end of the day they are the ones who matter )

17. I love writing (I guess you guys already know that)

18. I look up to Kanye West so much it’s literally crazy.

19. I love all things designer (too bad my bank account doesn’t approve)

20. I become a major dummy when it comes to math, literally I blank out guys.

21. My best friend is my sister (because you can NEVER have a better bestfriend)

22. I saw Real Madrid and Manchester City play live and I literally wanted to cry out of happiness

23. I’m the most undecisive person there is, (I’ll be choosing what to get at restaurant atleast 20 mins after)

24. I love running or exercising around 5-6am before work and after work around 6-7pm. (Helps me concentrate)

25. I eat, like a lot. But I don’t care #foodislyf

26. I have never been to a concert (shocking I know)

27. I watch make up tutorials and I still hope for a miracle that my make up will be nice as the girls in the tutorials (#cries)

28. I have a everything collection, I obsess over too many things!

29. My current crush is Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid C.F Defender)

30. I am such a wanderlust (I want to go everywhere and anywhere!)

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