How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin! 

Hi guys! Now this is a topic which has been talked about probably more times than I can count! But I thought I’d just talk about how I feel about it and give you guys a different view. 

Ok so we all know I’m not the prettiest girl in the world or the skinniest (not attention seeking) but come on let’s be honest. I have struggled through the years, especially the brutal years of high school. I just think those years are crucial with accepting yourself and to be honest sometimes it doesn’t happen. I think we are all some way or another too caught up with other people and wishing we were like them. Whether it would be just their hair, body or their mentality. It’s something that happens automatically in your brain. There has been so many times that I was like I wish I had body like that or I wish I had that sort of clothes or even I wish I was like that. I’m telling you it’s okay to think that because you’re human, it’s bound to happen. 


The most important thing I can say is you need to find the little things that make you yourself and learn to love it. Whether it is your personality or any feature you have.

When I graduated from college, I went to a business academy (2014). I thought to myself this is my year and nothing is going to bring me down but I feel like that year was the toughest year, emotionally. I just couldn’t feel good about myself. However after I graduated from there that’s when I really found myself. I don’t know how it happened, something just clicked. I started doing more of what I loved, I started accepting myself more and more each day. I chose to find one positive thing about myself a day instead of a negative. Also I started understanding people’s opinions don’t define who I am,  I am solely entitled to that. If you think that your not good enough, you’ll never feel good enough. But if you feel good enough, you can conquer the world. 

Feeling comfortable with who you are requires you do become familiar with yourself, recognise your strengths and weaknesses. I can sit here and scroll through pages and pages of Instagram wishing I looked like every single one of those beautiful girls but I know I’ll never be that because I’m myself. I am only going to be bettering myself. Also if anyone needs a helping hand, I’m always here. It’s always an amazing feeling helping people out.

The best way to be comfortable in your own skin is: 

– To understand you only get one life. Why waste your time with the opinions of people who don’t matter to you.

– To find the things you love about yourself and work on parts you don’t. We are all a work in progress. 

You can have the world you just need to get up and do something.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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