Designer Brands Cosmetics – GET THE LOOK 

Hey loves, I hope everyone is doing well! I have been crazy busy this weekend but I wanted to get something up for you guys! 

Now I’m no make up artist nor have I studied it (I just watch hours and hours of make up tutorials lol). The way I do my make up is just the way I have taught myself, I probably do things that aren’t the right way but for now my make up looks pretty standard!

 I decided to give myself a challenge, all the products on my face are from the cosmetic brand ‘Designer Brands Cosmetics'(except for brows) They have an amazing range of inexpensive products. I wanted to try out a whole look because there is always a stereotype about inexpensive make up, it’s always said it’s not good quality. DB cosmetics is vegan and has no animal testing.

What I used:

– Blur Primer 

– Foundation (True Beige and Warm Honey)

– Concealer (Medium)

– Contour Kit (3 in 1, contour highlight and illuminate)

– Mineral Eye Shadow Palette 

– Amplifying Mascara 

– Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick (Must Have Mauve)

– Illuminator (Cream)

NOTE: I didn’t have a brows product so I had to use my Anastasia dip brow Pomade in Ebony.  

Overall I love the products for the quality and the fact that is it so inexpensive. Don’t get me wrong I love my designer make up but it’s good to know there is make up that is affordable but hits the mark with the quality! However the foundation (warm honey) gave off too much of a pink tone so I had to mix it with the other foundation (true beige). If you guys want to try out the foundations make sure you get a lighter one with the colour you think you are. Also you really need to blend it out and work it into the skin or else it does look cakey.  Other than that I’ll be using it again, especially for days I want a dewy finish. 

TIP: start with less foundation then build it if you want, make sure you blend blend blend!!!! 

The one thing I ABSOLUTELY recommend is matte liquid lipstick (must have mauve) you guys know how much I love my lippies! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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