What am I reading?!

Hi loves! 

Today I wanted to talk about something that might be abit boring for some people. ‘What am I reading?’ is my post series I’ll do whenever I’m reading a new book, this way I can talk about the book and what I love about it. Currently I’m reading, can anyone guess?HARRY POTTER!!! (I can hear sighs in the background lol) I’m reading the first book, I’m about half way through. 

I should probably not assume everyone knows the Harry Potter series. It is a movie and book series by J.K Rowling. It’s set as though there is a whole other world which exists only to magical people (e.g wizards, witches, elves, etc). There is a boy named Harry Potter and he is the boy who lived …(but from what? You need to read it or watch it to find out!)

It’s no surprise that I’m a die hard Harry Potter fan. To the point where I dream of going to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando so I can imagine myself being in the Harry Potter movies (I write this post as I’m wearing my Harry Potter socks, I’m not obsessed I swear lol) Lowkey I wish I would just get my Hogwarts Letter…

You know the saying “the book was better?” Well with Harry Potter both are just as good! Obviously the book has much more details but I have watched all the movies about 100 times each and that’s not a over exaggeration! I know every word to each of the movies (I swear I’m normal….) 

So I decided I wanted to read the books from the start again. Personally I feel like sometimes I spend to much time on my phone or technology in general, when I would actually prefer to have a good book to read. I know these days social media has become bigger and we spend hours and to some people reading a book is so “old fashioned” when there is audiobooks, but come on guys it’s the best thing when you have fresh sheets, you’re cozied up with some green tea and a good book (just imagine..) It not only helps you relax, it exercises your brain. When you read a book I believe you emerge yourself within that story, you guys can’t even guess how many times I’ve just sat down and read a book whether it’s at home or out in public. It helps your imagination grow because when you are reading you are interpreting the words based on your own knowledge and we all know imagination has no limit!

I have read many books some of which I’ll talk about in the next post for this series. However I just wanted to fan girl over Harry Potter seeing as I had a chance! Ahh! 

Guys I remember when I watched the last movie, I cried so much (even though I knew what was going to happen!) This wasn’t a cute cry I mean like a full ‘what is happening to my life’ cry. I was walking down the stairs from the cinema and it was dark while the credits were rolling I couldn’t see properly cause I was crying, THE MOST EMBRASSING THING HAPPENED! my leg gave out, I tripped and fell. Mind you the cinema was full of people because it was the second screening of it. But being the boss bitch I am, I got up and walked away. Now you guys know the effect it has on me! 

So if you need a good book to read, check it out! AND let me know if there is any good books you guys are reading so I can read it too! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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