Outfit Of The Day – Minimal EDITION 

Hi guys! I hope everyone has been doing well! I have had a flat out week and finally today I got the chance to watch Ride Along 2 at the movies! If some of you don’t know it’s a comedy movie starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. I honestly have been watching all Ice Cube’s movies (totally going through a phase! But come on his movies are the bomb!)

Anyways, so I thought I’d share my outfit, today was one of those days I wanted to put alittle bit of effort in but still be casual (if that makes sense!) 

I have this basic crisp white button up shirt from Forever New.It is longer at the back which I love because it gives it a different look than just a normal button up shirt. I feel like it is essential to have one in your wardrobe, the material of my top crinkles too quickly which sucks but I just have to make do. I bought this one for $80, I think Forever New has discontinued this item but I’m sure you will able to find one in any store, but make sure you get a good quality one! Nothing is worse for a button up shirt to be bad material. I personally feel like it would throw off the whole look and also sometimes you have to be careful of the cut of the shirt, make sure it suits your body shape! 


These beautiful bright blue cropped jeans are also from Forever New (wow might aswell made it a Forever New edition! Haha) they fit so well! As you can tell I’m not very tall so for me finding pants can be tough. However these jeans are perfection! I bought these for $70 so pretty standard for a good pair of jeans!


If you follow me on Instagram (@duskavenue) you’d know the story with these shoes from ZARA! So what happened was I had my eyes on these beautiful white pointy toe flats for the longest time, however I just never got them. They were about $70-$80 but I was like hmm I’ll have to think about it, but last weekend I went into ZARA and they were there, only one pair… I checked the size, it was my size! I looked at the price, guess how much? $20!! It was like it was meant for me! It restored my faith in humanity (I kid but seriously how good ?!) I love when that happens! The only bad thing is that it gives me blisters if I wear them for too long! Ah well, beauty is pain!


This is one of my recent purchases from Sydney. I had a trip just with my sister, we just wanted to get out of Canberra and have a sister day, we bought so much stuff and come on guys is it really a trip without the purchase of a new bag? I got this beauty from.. WHERE ELSE? Ted Baker!! When I saw this bag it was love at first sight, the colour is a beautiful mint colour (which is so unusual for me, I always get black or nude) but it’s a medium sized bag, It fits all the essentials. I usually pair it either with a big Pom Pom or a scarf. So in this case I used my Louis Vuitton scarf. I bought this bag for about $400. Which I don’t mind paying for a good bag! If you are ever in Sydney go to the Ted Baker store near Chanel and there is a wonderful lady who is literally my bestfriend when it comes to choosing new bags for me. Each time I go she helps me and takes the time to find the one that is suited for me! (We need more people like that!)

For my accessory today I wore my Michael Kors Runway watch in sliver. I just wanted to keep it simple, and it was warm today so I didn’t want a heavy watch. I actually received it as a gift for my birthday, so I’m not sure for pricing however it’s probably around $200+. You can always find reasonable priced watches that give a statement. I just splurge because why not I work hard enough for it!

This look is so chilled out and causal, I love it for days that I’m running errands or just having a fun day out. Also you can eat as much as you want cause it’s a big top so no one will see your food baby tummy. Isn’t that what we all want?

P.S I have my eyes on a Gucci watch, it’s $1500 should I get it? Or not? LET ME KNOW! I can’t decide! 

Much Love- Dusk Avenue

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