International Women’s Day – Who Inspires me?


  Happy International Women’s Day! 

In light of international women’s day I wanted to talk about the two most inspiring women in my life. Now we all have role models, Adele, Beyonce whomever, however for me it’s my mum and my sister. It’s going to be hard for me to put into words how amazing these ladies are. We all love our family, I mean it’s a given regardless how much they annoy you or they don’t listen to you. For me, when my mum tells me stories from when she was young it inspires me not because of her career and managing a life outside of it, but more so because of who she was and her strength. Living in a country where everything was so out of reach and everything was harder. Whatever it was, bread? She would make the dough the day before then bake it in oven fire. Nappies? No she had to use a proper fabric nappy then wash it each time she changed us. Washing clothes? she would hand wash everything. Family? She always made time for her parents even till the day they had their last breath (R.I.P nana and pa) Then I was born and we moved here, she didn’t know English that well, she studied and become familiar with the language. She taught me, whether it was the times tables (which I hated btw!) or spelling. Each day no matter how busy she was or how tired she would take time to help me revise for school. She would learn it herself then teach me so I understood. She was at every school play, every award I won and even any teacher interviews. Whenever I was crying she was there, whether it was a skinned knee or something more serious. Also when I would get in trouble with my dad she would always take my side, she would say “she is my princess, my little baby”. She had so my patience when used to get scared and wake her up at night, she would either stay with me till I fell asleep or she would stay up and watch Hi-five with me. When I got sick she would do everything she could to help me so I didn’t feel pain, she didn’t care if she got sick. I still remember during school holidays, she would take me out and she would buy me food and she would always surprise me with an ice cream. Till now when I’m a grown up, if I have a bad day or even a good one, I just give her a cuddle, no reason but just because these are the moments to cherish. Too many people take the moment for granted, like my mum says no moment happens twice. To me, she is the real definition of a true inspiring woman. She has struggled in her life, however she had an amazing husband by her side and her children (haha obviously!) she did everything she could to provide for her family. The truth is she is getting older each day but so is my love for her. 

 As for my sister she has gone through so much in life and yet she still seems to have a big smile on her face. She had to mature at such a young age, she became so independent, nothing in the world could stop her achieving what she wanted and still wants, she fought for everything and she dealt with a lot of negativity which made her even stronger. She is like a ray of sunshine, it doesn’t matter if I have crazy goals but when I tell her she believes in me she tells me I can do it and that she will always support me. Without a doubt she is my second mother, she has taken care of me so much, whether it was patting me for my day sleep or now helping me become a better person each day. I remember whenever I wanted something she would always buy it for me, no questions asked. People would say to me “oh she spoils you too much, you have a great sister.” I would always reply with I know she is my best friend. I look up to her in so many ways, and she inspires me more than anyone could ever imagine. Now that we are older and somewhat more mature, I realise how lucky I am to have her. From the useless arguments to the late night Nandos run, she has been there from the start, from the very moment I opened my eyes to the world till when she would take me to school then go to college, till now helping me with these adult responsibilities. I love being her tag along sister no matter what anyone says, she is my best friend and nothing in the world can change that.  
These ladies inspire me not just to fight for my dreams and goals but inspiring me to become a better person. To become someone I always wanted to be, when I have this sort of inspiration, I am unstoppable. 
Once again Happy International Women’s Day!!
Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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