Brow Lab

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Today I’m talking all about brows!

We all know the hype for brows are real, whether it is the natural look or the not so natural, either way brows are so in! I never used to fill in my brows or honestly even get them tidied up until a couple years ago. I finally understand how much it actually brings your make up together and just the features of your face.

I have been to a few places to get my brows tidied up and shaped but I’ve never really been happy with them. Either way something was wrong, I did threading a few times but my goodness it hurts! I don’t want to scare anyone but it feels like a knife! It also gives a really sharp look to your eyebrows which is good and bad! I end up breaking out because my skin is so sensitive. Also they didn’t really take care of your brows it was so they would just get clients in and out. I don’t like that because we all know brows can make or break, so you are putting a lot of trust into someone for shaping them.

BUT finally I came across the brow lab and I heard great things. They are labeled the ‘Brow Queens’. I thought to myself well I’ve tried most places why not give it a go! Myself and my sister went together to get them done, as soon as we walked in the vibes were just so chilled. The set up was very fresh, chic and bright which I love! I feel like it made the experience all the more better. The team of girls were wonderful and so kind.

When I got called up I was abit nervous because before I went, my mum said she doesn’t want my eyebrows thin (now guys we have to admit mumma always knows best!) but Tegan did an amazing job! She even showed me the best way to fill in my brows to make them look thicker but natural which I love. I picked up an eyebrow powder which I’ll review for you guys. Also yes I got my mums approval she loved them, she said finally they look good! (woo hoo I’m in the clear!)

No joke guys, I kept asking where they bought things because the space looked so good I literally want to create my room like it. All the girls were so lovely and it felt like I was talking to friends. Honestly that’s what is important, to feel comfortable and just have a conversation. I mean no one likes going to a place where the staff are just rude, it ruins the experience and in short you won’t want to go back.

But hats off to Sianne and Tegan for their amazing business, it’s not easy, but their dedication and the passion for what they love alone is so inspiring to me. Brow lab is the best place to get your brows done in Canberra, without a doubt. I already know I’m going to be a regular client.

Check them out and give them some love!

Instagram – browlabofficial

Website –

Much Love- Dusk Avenue

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