Tips for Fuller Lips

Hi loves, Hope you are all doing well! Today I’m talking about something that is really “in” right now. Full lips is something that has really changed the make up game. There is many opinions on this topic, good and bad but you just need to remember do what makes you happy.

I’m no expert, this is just what works for me. I’m not particularly blessed with full lips like Angelina Jolie (ahh I wish I was..) but you need to work with what you got girl! I have a few tips that I have discovered which I have listed below!


Just like your face your lips need exfloiating, this gets rid of the dead skin. There are many lip scrubs you can choose from, I just use a specific toothbrush and I just rub in circular motion. I do this for about 2-3 mintues then I use a lip balm so my lips don’t end up dry and damaged. I recommend not exceeding 2-3 times a week, because it might dry your lips out


Always use lip balm! This helps keep your lips moisturised and less likely to be dry and damaged, especially after exfoliating.


We have heard all the rave about Lip Plumper’s, some say they are good and some say they are bad. I use PLUMP IT, the title says what it does. It increases the blood flow on the lips which results in fuller lips. There are many brands you can use, however Plump It has been doing wonders for me. I must admit at first I wasn’t to sure of the tingling sensation on my lips, but after getting used to it, I’m fine with it! It has great results and I use it during applying my make up. I love using it more so for darker lipsticks, you can use it as a lip gloss but you all know I’m a Matte lipstick girl. Just make sure you can handle the tingling feeling because it is quite strong and avoid using it when you have dry or damaged lips.

There are many ways you can achieve fuller lips, I know some people like more of proper solution like lip fillers, Although it has great results at times, I just don’t do injections. Whatever the reasoning is you can do these simple steps at home if you want. I love it because it does the job without the commitment. Also it looks natural too!

TIP: Just remember if someone tries to judge you for wanting fuller lips, they aren’t even worth your time. It’s your body, it’s your lips, it shouldn’t be affecting anyone else. Besides they are just lips, why does someones opinion matter if you want them bigger? 

I say this because if any of you guys follow Amrezy on snapchat she was talking about how she got negative comments about her lips and because she get fillers. She made a great point by saying “why does me having fillers affect you?” I just adore her because she is just so real. There is nothing wrong with changing things if thats what you want, we always promote “love yourself, accept yourself etc” which I’m all for but we also have to remember if people choose to alter things that is completely and utterly up to them. It doesn’t mean they are insecure, they probably are confident but just want bigger lips, or higher cheekbones. Like I always say my angels, each to their own. I hope you guys found this bit helpful!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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