Exciting News!

Hey guys! Okay so before everyone jumps to conclusions as to why I was pretty much missing for a few days, some exciting things were happening. Now if you have been with me from the beginning I had great news I wanted to share but decided to wait…a year. I’ve so eager to share the news that 15th February 2015 (age 19) I purchased my first home alongside my sister!!!!!

I won’t go into details because I’ll do a proper post on it however for now, I’m just settling in with my family and really just making it a place we can call home. Hence why wasn’t able to be very active on my social networks. All I can say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will talk more in depth about how I managed financially, the things to take in consideration. Who knows it might help you guys! So stay tuned! I love you guys and thank you for having patience with me. 
Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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