My Car Inspiration!

Hi my loves, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! You’re probably thinking what is this girl going on about “My Car Inspiration”. I know my blog is mostly based on other things such as fashion, beauty etc, But little do you guys know, cars is something I have always been passionate about! I grew up with my brother and my dad always buying new cars and doing them up. I guess it wore off on me, so when I got my licence I was driving a old 1993 Toyota Paseo. I was a great car because it was fast but I just wanted the car I dreamt of.

So finally thanks to my amazing family for the help, I purchased the Subaru! I honestly couldn’t contain my emotions, it was such a beautiful moment for me. I named him PABLO (little tribute to Paul Walker – RIP) I know you’re probably like “uhh, gurl it’s just a car, chill” but it’s just crazy because I’m slowly going to make changes to it such as, new wheels, exhaust, spoiler, detailing etc, I know it will be a hefty bill but the end result will be a sight to see.

This is the perfect Sunday night inspo, I want to make my car exactly what I want it to be. For me it’s such an exciting thing to be working on. I believe if you are passionate about something never let anyone else opinion change your love for it. I have had so many weird looks when I talk “car language”, I guess it is a stereotype but at the end of the day, none of us can change peoples opinions.

Now I will keep you guys posted with the progress of Pablo, also if you guys have any cool ideas let me know! I would love to get different opinions.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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