Clean Eating With Pressed Juices

Hi my loves! Hope you are all doing well. Now the words “clean eating” can be nerve racking for many people, trust me it is! Even for me. I always believe in balance and by that I mean you can eat a whole packet of chips and still be healthy.  Who wants to be counting calories and finally you have a piece of chocolate and then make yourself upset? It’s about consistency and mentality you have towards the change you want.

One of my all time favourite places is Pressed Juices. I have talked about my love for it previously. If you haven’t tried it, you are seriously missing out! They have an amazing range of juices and raw food. It all looks so delicious and can we talk about the packaging? It’s amazing! 

I picked up a few things today and it did not disappoint. The Kelp Noodle & Rainbow Slaw Salad was just great, I had it for lunch. It made me full without the bloating feeling. It had a wonderful texture, it was crunchy but full of flavour. The detox, which I had after my salad consisted of pomegranate and turmeric. Honestly it didn’t even taste like a detox juice usually does, it was so yummy it just tastes like pomegranate juice (well duh, it’s pomegranate lol) it was tangy and refreshing. I also got two juices, I mean come on, these juices are like an addiction. I got the Greens 2 (Zucchini, Kiwifruit, Sliverbeet, Spinach, Capsicum,Wombok, Basil) and The Black Lemonade (Alkaine Water, Lemon, Activated Coconut Charcoal,Cayenne). On a sweeter note I also got the truffle, FYI I’ve never had Truffle before so it’s a pretty happy moment for me! 

Now I’m having a few changes in my life, one of them is what I eat, this has a lot to do with my skin/ digesting. I also love the addition of pressed juice because it’s like I’m spoiling  myself with good food I don’t have to make (I am lazy sometimes) Now don’t get me wrong, I can eat a whole block of Cadbury chocolate or  a whole pizza. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I still will eat all yummy not so good foods, but I want to focus more on foods that help my body and make me feel better. As I have previously mentioned it’s all about consistency and that’s all it is really. Once you include nutritious things, it really changes your mood aswell.  I love pressed juice and I’m glad I can make it apart of my lifestyle change! So keep your eyes out, I will be posting more of the different products I try. I recommend it to everyone.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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