Benefit Cheekathon – FIRST IMPRESSION 

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well!  Today I wanted to do a first impression on the new Benefit face palette ‘Cheekathon’. I heard so many amazing things about this palette.

 So I purchased it for $100 which these days has become a standard price for a palettes. It has beautiful packaging, also includes a mirror which is so good for travel. I have a few face palettes and none of them are fun and bright with the packaging, however this just has major girly vibes, which I love! It’s all full sized products, which means I’ll get a lot of use out of all of them. Now I don’t need to get into the quality of the products because we all know Benefit has their A game when it comes to their products. 

As a first impression I love it, there really isn’t much to fault. I honestly even love the little brush to contour with. I mean come on I paid for it so why not use it? A couple of cons are just my own personal peference, I don’t use blush that often so I wish there was more highlighter colours. Also pricing, now I don’t expect many of you to jump at the idea of a $100 palette because let’s be real.. $100 is a lot of money. Quality is amazing so if you are looking to splurge, it’s a great palette. It’s not really a necessity in your make up collection. However if you are looking for value from Benefit, especially with the face range. It could possibly turn out cheaper than buying them individually. It just comes down to what you need and know you will use. Because what’s worse than having a hefty bill with a product that you know you won’t use. 

My suggestion is just look around and see if it’s what you really want. That way you can get your money’s worth out of it! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

4 thoughts on “Benefit Cheekathon – FIRST IMPRESSION 

  1. 😱 $100 is a lot of cash for one palette. The packaging is so cute but I personally (since I’m so cheap) would die a little inside spending so much on makeup in one day. I love how honest your review is.


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