Helping Hand

Hi my angels! Hope you are all doing well. Today I wanted to talk about something completely different which can be a touchy subject for some.

You’re probably thinking, why is this girl putting photos of Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn and Selena Gomez. Well I just really wanted to talk about my life goals. I know we all have dreams/ goals of owning a beautiful house, an amazing car, an amazing paid job. Yes, my short term goals are similar, I mean… I do want all those luxuries. Come on no one wants to be financially struggling, right? Well the reason why I created ‘Dusk Avenue’ was so I was able to freely talk about things I love and help spread positivity on this platform. One of my long term goals is to help.. As much as I can and as long as I can. One day I want to be stable financially and do the things I want. However the biggest achievement in life for me would be to become like these amazing ladies and just help people. I would love to one day have my own charity organization, I know it’s really far fetched but I’m going to work towards it.

Sometimes I think we undermine how wonderful we have things such as, clean water, fresh food, shelter, clothes, education etc. Some people don’t even have that. My mum always says to me “Even if you had a mountain of money you still would want more, it wouldn’t be enough.” I think about that every day. These days with social media we all become so eager to have it all. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret, it’s actually something Kanye West said.. “You can be wearing a Zara pant, and then a girl walks in wearing the Céline version, and you feel like shit.” It’s the same with Makeup, clothes, looks etc. I know I do first impressions etc for you guys but that is because I love telling you guys whats worth it and what isn’t. These days we all put ourselves in a place where we just completely downgrade ourselves because someone has something different. No amount of Make up or Designer bags will value the appreciation, gratitude and prayers we would get if we helped people. Now don’t get me wrong I’m totally down for shopping,  but it is a cycle that is never ending.  I want to add different content on this platform, more than just what is the lipstick of the week, I want to talk about real things, things we feel everyday. I want Dusk Avenue to help whenever anyone is down to bring the positivity that is needed.

Also there is no pressure to help people, it’s completely voluntary, it’s just not for some people and that’s ok.These photos speak to me on a whole other level.. It honestly puts things in perspective. You can just see in their faces how much they genuinely care. I just hope one day I get the chance to do the same. I want to provide as much as I can for people that are in need. Honestly sometimes they just someone to hear their story. To sit with them as an equal and nothing else.  Every child deserves an education. Just think how amazing it would be?

I hope you guys will support me through my journey and one day I will come back to this post and smile. I’ll remember my goals and let’s hope by then I’ve accomplished them!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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