Life Update!

Hi guys! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and I cannot believe how quick the weekend flys by! So I promised you guys a life updated, kind of what I’m currently up to, why I go missing for the week and only do one post, so all that good stuff. 
Currently I’m just up to the standard, working full time and studying. It’s pretty crazy because I do full hours, 5 days a week and studying on top of it. Also I bought a house (I talked briefly about it in my post ‘Exciting News’) I bought this house at the age of 19 with my sister. So it’s been full on finally moving in and adjusting because of the location. I also bought a new car which I also mentioned in my post ‘My Car Inspiration’ I talked about the things I wanted to alter about my car etc. However the best is just working on my blog, I love writing and sharing my inspirations with everyone. Another project I have taken on is changing my room completely (Room decor etc). All these things are big steps, so as you can probably imagine it called for a lot of family time. 

I know many people juggle a lot of different things and you’re probably thinking why is this girl complaining, she doesn’t have anything to worry about! Trust me I’m not because everything I’m doing, is all from my own choices. Yes I agree there is a lot of debt on me but that’s life. It would have happened sooner or later! I will be talking more about the process of the house in later posts. 

So I think that’s all I’m currently doing! I just really wanted to updated you guys because I don’t want to you to think I’m lazy with my blog, I just have a hectic schedule and I don’t ever pre write. I like to write in the moment, that’s just something I’ve always done. Also I just wanted to say I love each and every one of you that takes time out to visit my platform. You are amazing

Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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