Kylie Metal Lipstick Reign REVIEW 

Hi my loves it has been WAAAY too long! Today I’m talking about the one and only Kylie Cosmetics, well one specifically I finally got my hands on the Metal Matte Lipstick (Reign). I really wanted to try the metal ones sooner but I really didn’t want to have to stay up crazy hours to get them. Anyways I got one so I thought why not review it for you guys because I know it has received many mixed opinions.

So starting off the colour is AMAZING! it’s a gorgeous maroony deep metal colour. It is very different to my other lipsticks in my collection. The packaging is great and you all know how much I love my packaging! The brush/wand was what I was most concerned with because I read reviews that some people were not happy with it. However when I got it, it was completely fine (it was literally the first thing I looked at!) Now formula, probably the most important thing huh? Well I was shocked at how good it was! It applied very nicely and no patchiness. I usually use a lip balm on my lips before I apply proper lipstick, but today I forgot to  because I was excited to use it and even then it gave the same look, very moisturising which I was very happy about!

It is a confronting colour and as we all know every lipstick looks different on various skin tones. However I feel like it would be perfect for all skin tones. It is definitely something I’ll be using more during the colder months (well now because it’s so cold here!) Today I paired this lip with a light browny eye, I felt like it kept it warm and neutral while still keeping the lip strong.

Overall it is a great lipstick I love the colour and formula, however I’m not too sure if I will be staying up to buy them. But I think I’ll eventually get the other metals! The next brand I really want is Lipland the Amrezy collection, they look sooo good. Has anyone tried them? Let me know.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue


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