Hi loves! Hope everyone is having a lovely day/night (well whatever time you are reading this lol) So I realised I haven’t talked about food on here for a while, even though I’m always eating or at least thinking about it! Well Brodburger is probably the best burger place in Canberra, I discovered it a few years back while I was at kingston foreshore. They have a range of different burgers and chips. I absolutely love the presentation, as some of you guys know I’m a die hard fan of supernatural and they always show the standard american burger with the chips and honestly Brodburger has definitely hit the mark  with the presentation. You know what’s better? It might look like something that is greasy that isn’t good for you, but the burgers fresh and just sooo good! From the beginning I always used to just get the brodburger which was the beef patty cheese etc but recently I have been loving the brodchicken, so it’s a chicken burger with avocado,mayo, cheese, all that good stuff (is anyone else tummy grumbling? mine is!) I always get side of chips because a burger is incomplete without chips (you know I’m right..) Now price, it is about $15 for the burger, depending what type you want and chips is about $2.50, ok so it’s not cheap as going to Mcdonalds but seriously who would give up brodburger for McDonalds? … no offence. I believe it’s worth the price, although it is pretty far away from my house so it is sort of good so I am not eating it to often. Now for the health freaks, they have a gluten free option so you are able to enjoy your burger and still stick to being gluten free.

Now my only dislike is that sometimes it gets so busy, there isn’t really any place to sit. So if you do decide to go, make sure you get in early, you’ll thank me later! If you are in Canberra or your city has Brodburger, I strongly recommend to try it out, you’ll love it!

TIP: Only go when you are really hungry, the burgers are big and no one wants to leave a burger half eaten! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

4 thoughts on “Brodburger

  1. my hubby & I went their last year, I loved it but my hubby didn’t! have you gone to grease monkey yet? the burgers there are pretty good too and I love their fried chicken ❤


      • yeah after this convo I’m actually keen to go there again. Aww really? i havent met anyone who doesn’t like Grease Monkey and everyone who i’ve taken there or recommended have come back to me and told me they love it! You should defs check it out and see how you like it ❤


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