Your Feelings Matter

Hi guys! I’m back, so if many of you don’t know I actually had surgery so I was off work and honestly I didn’t have the energy to do anything, hence the lack of posting. However today is Saturday so in a few days I will be back at work and I really wanted to do a post before I get back in the rhythm of everything. 

During my 10+ days off work, I was home alone and on a lot of strong medication for pain.. Now I’m not sure if it was because I was alone but it made me feel like I was in a rut. I guess it’s something we all do, the standard overthinking and overanalysing. I kept thinking like “hmm there is nothing wrong but why am I feeling like this?”. So from this I kept thinking “well there isn’t any point in talking to anyone because they won’t understand”. Honestly I’m a person who completely understands that feeling but then it got me thinking “hey, people need to understand the importance of acknowledging their feelings regardless of how stupid they think it is”, firstly myself.

We all have bad days, whether it is at work, with family, friends or anything to be honest. I know in our daily life we undermine a lot of our feelings, whether it is an uneasy feeling or anxiety. I will always 101% believe if it is affecting you it matters. I know a lot of times when I was growing up people were like oh but other people have it worse. I never had the courage to say “I get it but my feelings are just as important” and just like that, it’s how you start to undermine your feelings. “Oh it’s okay, it’s stupid, I’ll get over it” 

I’m here to tell you, whatever you feel it’s okay and take your time. Whether you need to curl up with your favourite book and your favourite cookies or hitting up the gym. You take time for yourself and everyday you tell yourself “it’s ok to feel and my feelings are important”because if you don’t, trust me it only gets worse. Although I’m not qualified counsellor obviously and sometimes not talking helps for people and that’s completely fine. I just want you reading this to know that whatever you feel it’s ok. It’s ok you had a bad day at work, it’s ok you had a fight with your family, it’s ok to accept and acknowledge your feelings because trust me they matter…

For myself I want to acknowledge my feelings regardless how “stupid” it seems to people because they effect me and that’s what makes it relevant. I would rather accept it and try to move past from it than just bury it and have people tell me “oh you will just get over it, you worry about stupid stuff” Accept it and understand why you are feeling it so then you can find your own way to move past it. 

I don’t want to live my life worrying that I can’t feel this emotion or that emotion. We are humans and we are complex. I am not going to be a sad 70 year old lady wishing I did more for myself and cared for myself. 
Just remember..If it’s affecting you it matters… 
Much love, Dusk Avenue 

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