Kylie Matte Lipkits – REVIEW 

Hi my loves! Today I’m reviewing the Kylie Matte Lipkits. Now whether you keep up with the kardashians or you just love make up, you would know that Kylies Lipkits have taken the make up world by storm, some say that are out of this world and some say they will never buy it again, I will be talking about what I think about them, in no way am I bashing anyone (heads up). I keep it real with you guys so my reviews are 100% honest. 

So I have a post which you can check out, I reviewed the Kylie Metal lipsticks and I honestly loved it, especially Reign. I think King Kand Heir are shades that I would have to use as a middle lip colour or use a tiny bit. I found the lighter colours didn’t really compliment my skin tone, which can always be a negative but you guys know how I am, I will make it work!

Moving on to the review, If you know me well enough I am such a Matte lip girl, so for me it was a no brainer! I got Exposed, Candy K, Poise K and Dolce K. Starting off with packaging it’s beautiful and I am all for the gorgeous packaging of products! In terms of the colours. Dolce K doesn’t give me enough colour, it reminds me of MAC’s stone which I also have. I was partly disappointed I thought it would have looked better for my skin tone, I looked washed out with Dolce K. Candy K is an all round beautiful pink shade, I can wear this on a daily basis. Exposed has to be my favourite shade so far, it’s a gorgeous nude. I haven’t tried Posie K yet so I can’t really say much for the colour however I’m sure it will suit my skin tone.  

Now the most important questions that have been thrown around “IS IT DRYING? DOES IT LAST?” 

Well I used Exposed for work while I was fasting (Ramadan) which meant I didn’t eat all day and it stayed on without any retouches, in saying that I’m not usually a person that retouches my make up if I’m out unless I’m away. It didn’t transfer on anything and it applied amazingly. Now here comes the tricky part, I used them after Ramadan and I remember I went to get my brows done at the brow bar at benefit and I look at myself in the mirror and I was absolutely horrified. I used exposed and it made my lips so dry and crusty I felt self conscious. (My exposed lip liner has become blunt and I don’t know how to fix it!) I usually moisturise my lips before matte lipsticks for such reasons. I actually had to ask one of the girls to give me make up remover for it because if any of you already have them they DO NOT COME OFF until you scrub it off with all your strength. I was not happy that it dried out my lips so much I ended up looking like a bloody zombie. 

From then I have been quite wary with them, I have a love hate relationship with them. Is it worth the money? I don’t think so. I believe for us international buyers it’s not really worth the price conversion either. I don’t know where it is the new formula or if I just got the bad ones but they are drying on me. However in saying that, it doesn’t mean it can be drying for you, if that makes sense! Personally I won’t be buying anymore of the mattes, not to mention the price conversion for AUD is a joke, it ends up being quite expensive. However  I do want to try the glosses so I can do a review for you guys. 
An example I really wanted to share so make it simpler is I had to pay around $65 for one Lipkit shipping included. Now comparing my holy grail Tom Ford Lipsticks to the Kylie Lipkits, let’s just say TOM FORD ALL THE WAY. I would rather spend $70+ to buy one Tom Ford lipstick than $65 on a Lipkit. Now I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing Kylie because I love the metals and I love her nail polishes  and I probably will like the glosses aswell but I just can’t seem to be loving the mattes as much. Kylie Jenner is a fab girl and I got a lot of love her but the matte Lipkits aren’t doing it for me.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

2 thoughts on “Kylie Matte Lipkits – REVIEW 

  1. Aww im sad you didn’t like them, I absolutely love them 😦 I do agree that they do dry but I like to apply paw paw cream before applying the lipstick and find that it helps. I can’t wait to see how you find the glosses, I’m not really a gloss gal but am still very intrigued. I just recently got reign and I love it but still not sure how I think they suit me but #yolo


    • I know! 😦 I still will try to use them regardless and maybe try the paw paw method! Yeah I’ll end up getting the nude glosses but I’m not a big gloss girl either haha. I love love the metal ones!! It will suit you trust me! ☺️


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