Morphe 35T Palette – First Impression

Hi loves! I finally got my hands on a Morphe Palette, well mostly because I couldn’t decide if I really wanted one. But I caved in and bought one. I know the 350 palette is quite popular, it has beautiful browny shades. However I decided to go with the 35T palette which is more taupe shades. I absolutely love for my Carli Bybel Palette from BH cosmetics, so it wasn’t really hard to choose. 

Starting off the packaging is pretty standard it isn’t really anything too exciting. It has Morphe written on the front and it’s just black. I did notice it didn’t have a mirror on it, majority of my palettes have a mirror with them (so I can see myself slaying my makeup haha) I guess it is an added cost for them to make? I would have preferred it with a mirror but hey that’s just me!

The colours are to die for, they are gorgeous shades for my skin tone, I have Olivey/Tan skin so I always try to use colours that can suit me. I found the pigmentation for the glitter shades much more intense than the matte shades. I usually use the glitter ones so I was quite happy with it regardless. It is easily blendable but I think if you want a intense look you will need to build it up and when we do swatches it looks amazing because we use our fingers however when creating looks we use brushes so just keep that in mind about the difference in pigmentation when using different tools! 

Now talking about price! *drum roll* I purchased mine for $34.90 from Beauty Bay! I think for what it is, it surely is worth the price.   I have a collection of palettes and they all range from expensive to affordable. I believe it is affordable and you can get many different looks from it, but in saying it is affordable it also looks affordable, with the packaging and everything. As a first impression I do quite like  the product however it does have it’s cons. I’m not a fan of the packaging it doesn’t feel nice  nor look nice, but that’s only because I look at the presentation of the product too! I will try to create different looks and I’ll see how it goes. 

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