Snow Trip

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well! Last weekend I went to the snow at Thredbo. As you can see it was wonderful weather almost to the point I didn’t even need my snow jacket.

If some of you guys keep up with me on snapchat ( Dusk Avenue) I actually sold my camera. Funnily enough a day before I was going to the snow, so all the above photos are just taken with my iPhone camera, because I’m too picky and I can’t decide on cameras within a day! However I think it did pretty good. This year myself and my sister decided to just go on the bus and honestly it’s a completely different feel/experience than driving and it kind of sets you up if you ever want to do top deck, which for me it is something I would like to do. My dad dropped us off and my brother picked us up in the evening, if you want to catch a bus , I strongly recommend Murrays bus/ coaches!!

So last year when we went to Thredbo we went early June so we had the chance to walk up to Mount Kosciusko with the wonderful snow everywhere, all I can say is AMAZING! This year was alittle different, due to the weather we weren’t allowed to go. I mean either way it was a great trip and it’s one for the books. It was a breath of fresh air, especially just hanging out and experiencing the snow. If you haven’t.. You need to!

It was funny because when my dad was dropping is off in the morning we were so late we got bad seats but in the evening we made sure we got good seats so I took the seats infront of the bus, we literally got the best view back home!

Word of wisdom from me:

Something I am in the progress of learning is that we all get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to just take a moment and breathe. We get so held up in the consistent routine we have that we completely forget to live in the moment and by that I mean, go buy those shoes you have been drooling over for months, go book that holiday you desperately need. I personally love having little trips with my family and friends because it really just gives you a different atomsphere and it makes you very appreciative.  When’s the last time you stopped and took a breath and just lived your life?

P.S I finally bought another camera and I’m in LOVE, so I’m excited to produce more better quality content!

Also tomorrow I’m off to Sydney with my brother and my sister so I’ll try to do a haul if I go crazy with the shopping !! Follow me on snapchat for all the fun stuff (Dusk Avenue)

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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