Our World 

Hi guys, I hope you guys are doing well. I am sorry if the photo has made anyone upset or distraught. Today I wanted to talk about something very real, something that is going on in our world, now whether we are oblivious or turning a blind eye. These events are very real…

I chose this photo because I came across a video which had somewhat gone viral. It was a child in the above picture, now as you can tell he is bloody and really badly injured yet look at him, he hasn’t shed one tear. It broke my heart into pieces when I watched it, I wanted to cry not only for this child but for the humans that have to go through this suffering of war. 

Coming from a family that had originally been living amongst the war, it’s something that you would never forget, just as soldiers when the go to war. My older siblings still tell me stories of the gruesome things they witnessed at such a young age. It not only makes me feel grateful that I never witnessed such events it makes me feel very blessed.

In today’s society whether you have children of your own or someone close to you, it’s a whole other ordeal. Working as an educator for 0-5 years old, they have implemented practices such as giving the children freedom of choice, self help and other practices that pretty much puts the child on a pedestal of their own individuality. Also having strict guidelines and standards which must be adhered to such as the nutrition they receive on a daily basis their development and learning. Now don’t get me wrong, I am 100% for children having their own freedom of choices and there are people that argue the traditional methods of “children don’t know what they want”. What I’m here to say is, we treat even 6 months old like they can choose what they want but then we completely turn a blind eye on children from a different race? Just because they are from a different country? Or we just say oh well because it’s a country that is in the middle of a war. Do there lives not matter? I ask, why? Does that child/ persons life not matter? What about their dreams, their family? 

It’s astonishing how if one event happens you’ll have a hundred different news reporters and interviewers to catch the behind the scenes/ all the details etc, but when it comes to wars, humans that are dying daily on the streets no one even blinks an eye. I’m sorry I’m not only praying for the Australians in an unfortunate event, I will pray for all humans, I will pray for our world. If we don’t help ourselves who will?

I am not angry, I am just upset, I do charity and I try my hardest but it doesn’t mean I’ll announce it on my Instagram like “Hey guys I’m so amazing that I give money to the poor and needy” no it has never been about that and it never will. I don’t do it for people to give me compliments that I am a good person etc. I do it because I am one person,  I do not know what I am capable of yet, although I hope one day I am able to help all. Personally I wish I could do more, if I had a voice like any of these celebrities I would, gosh I would. 

Sometimes we all become so blinded by all the things we want we don’t realise the crazy world we are living in. You have one person who can buy a $200,000 bag and then you have someone who saves all their money to buy a $200 bag or you have someone that has no money and knows no importance of it because they live in their world which is war. They wake up the sound of bombs going off, they don’t know when it’s going to be their last day on earth. They say bye to their mum and dad in the morning and by evening they can get news that they passed away

Now I’m not saying people who splurge with their money are bad OF COURSE NOT!, heck I do it! I love buying myself and my loved ones gifts but when you actually take a step back and look at all the variables of the different types of people it really puts things in prespective. It shows that material things do not match up to helping people in need. 

I am sorry again for a topic that is touchy touchy but it needed to be said. 

When you are done reading, whether you are sitting on the couch or in bed or on the bloody toilet. I ask you this, why do we have a blind eye turned towards events as such? Why isn’t the media covering it? And lastly, what makes them deserve to die? 

This is our OUR WORLD, I hope one day we can all make a change.

Much Love- Dusk Avenue 

2 thoughts on “Our World 

  1. This is such beautiful and inspirational post. It has literally brought tear in my eyes. It is so sad to see that innocent people get hurt or killed in the name of war.


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