My 21st Birthday!


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Hi guys! So for something very different I’m going to talk about my 21st birthday!

Before I get into the event let’s have a run down of my outfit!

I got a plain white bodysuit from missguided, as much as I have heard good things about misguided however I didn’t have the best experience, they lost my package and I had to order again and it just took too long but I finally got it. I bought it for $24.99 which wasn’t too bad for a basic.

My skirt is from Ted Baker from their special event range. When I first laid my eyes on it I just knew, I knew that was what I wanted to wear. It is a baby pink colour with diamonds everywhere. It is such a beautiful length and it’s not overall poofy. It has the right amount of poof lol if that makes sense. So I didn’t buy it myself because it was one of the MANY gifts I received from my sister, however it retails for $500+ if I’m not mistaken. It’s such a princess skirt I believe it would even be worth $1000.

My shoes, ugh those gorgeous shoes, funny story! I actually bought my shoes MONTHS before I even found the Ted Baker skirt, but they are a match made in heaven, the shoes are baby pink with a metallic finish to them. I got it from public desire for $30 I think. Which if I say so myself was a bloody bargain for the quality of the shoes. They have an amazing range!

I got my make up done at MAC which I loved, I mean the girls at MAC Canberra Centre can do no wrong so there was no issue, I left my hair straight because I didn’t get a chance to get my hair done. Either way I think it looked good, I did have a fresh flower crown which was a gift from a friend. I loved it because it really brought th outfit together and it made me stand out without overdoing it. I really felt like a princess.

So now moving on to the event, the first of September I turned 21 (yes I give you permission to call me old, it’s ok lol) so for months I was trying to find the perfect venue, I had a lot of misses, I think mostly because they didn’t really understand what I wanted. Which always sucks trying to organise an event, because everyone wants different things, one could want Harry Potter themed with a classy edge or someone else could want a 90s themed with futuristic vibes.

After weeks of my sister telling me to go with the Canberra racecourse I finally decided I’d go with that venue and honestly it was the best decision. My theme was classic high tea, from the beginning of organising, everyone asked me what do you want to do? My answer every time was high tea. I guess it represents me completely. I love everything high tea, the poofy skirts, the tea cups, even the bloody cucumber sandwiches. As everything was slowly coming together I realised I didn’t have to go crazy and buy everything. In saying that I did, however I was pretty good on finding cheaper options, example instead of going and buying expensive material I went to the dollar store and found some there. Of course there is things that you can’t find cheaper options for, now that is completely up to you whether you want it.

As for me I had a pretty good vision as how I wanted everything and my best friend was EBAY! I can’t even describe how affordable it is to get items off eBay, I just had to get it heaps in advance or else you will probably be losing hair waiting for the items if it’s too close to the event. I remember everyday asking my mum “have my packages arrived?!” Pretty sure she was done with that question lol! I bought HEAPS of fake flowers and when I say heaps I mean like my garage is full with flowers. It’s the little things I think and adding those really brought out what I wanted to create for my 21st. We all know people who say “your 21st birthday is something to remember” and I believe that. For me it was a beautiful day with beautiful people, except for running late from MAC (got my makeup done) and getting changed in the car and having a tad bit of road rage (don’t judge me, it’s who I am haha)

I put photos that really shows the vibe of the event. My advice to anyone organising a 21st or any event is not to stress too much, but write a list so you are on top of things. The theme is crucial that is how it ties everything together and that’s where you get started. Another great advice is Pinterest! Soo many amazing ideas, you’ll surely find something on there and for props, decorations etc look on eBay first before going in store because I swear half the things I bought it was literally double in store. I know there is the waiting factor but it is purely up to you!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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