Health and Wellness Masterclass with Bianca Cheah 

Hey loves! I know I was supposed to post this a while back but I lost it and then I had to re do, so finally it’s up!

I had a wonderful opportunity to sit amongst others while listening to Bianca Cheah. If you don’t know who she is, she is a business woman, health blogger, model and everything in between! She is honestly an inspiration, she shared a lot of different strategies of health and wellness, and what helps her unwind from such a crazy schedule. Having such a busy life, she often does yoga. It seemed to be one of her favourite things to do. Bianca said it helps her in so many ways. I also believe if you need someway to distress and unwind, find something that you love doing. I have a few things I love doing. The number one thing is that you need to enjoy it, so you shouldn’t be stressing to go to the gym if that makes sense. I enjoy going for walks, riding bicycle, reading etc.

When it was Q&A time I took the stand in front of people I had never met before, it was scary because sometimes I can’t speak loud enough when I get nervous but I stood up and I asked “how do you deal with negativity?” I wanted to know because of my social media platforms, it is a given. Bianca said, it’s important to remember the good and the few people who are negative to just ignore them. I know it’s hard sometimes but even I agree.

After the session I had a chance for a photo and a few minutes to talk. I just wanted to tell her how inspired I was. Sometimes in life we need that. We need for someone to give that different perspective and you just become so motivated and inspired. Bianca had a passion for something and she made that into her living and honestly that’s what I want to do!

When the whole world around us is so on the go we almost become like robots. The same routine over and over again. It can actually make you so mentally drained and I’m guilty of that. There have been times I’ve just become so drained from the same routine of work that it actually made me upset for days. There is something that my mum always say to me, it’s not so much what she said as it was what she meant by it. Whenever I remember it I remember it in her voice, she says ” never lose faith in life”I remind myself everyday because there is so much I want to do in life and I think it’s crucial to balance it out. Always having that healthy balance between working and having down time to recharge. I didn’t take it so seriously a few years back but now it’s so important to me.

Also personally have so much more to learn, about life and everything and as I’m growing so is my blog and it’s important to me that it remains real and true. This masterclass was a great motivation for me. I hope one day I can inspire people like that!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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