Outfit Of The Day – Casual Sunday

Hi loves I hope you guys are doing well and having a wonderful day/night!

What is better than a Casual Sunday and going for a morning coffee date?

Ok so I have abit of a problem sometimes trying to dress casual, I end up being overdressed which I don’t mind of course but sometimes it gets abit awkward when you see your friend who looks like she is ready to hit the gym and you look like you are ready to attend a red carpet event. Although each to their own! However on Sunday I was catching up with a fellow blogger who to me is almost a long lost BFF I swear! Michaela from Grace and Coy. She is a Canberra based blogger, check her out if you haven’t before! She is a total gem!

Now back to this outfit, we love comfort. Let’s all be honest and not lie to ourselves…

I paired my trusty adidas t shirt with washed out grey cotton pants. I wore black slip on sandals to give it a complete laid back look. Now if you are from Canberra you will know the weather is so unpredictable, I threw on a black and grey, cropped mini jacket. OF course I had to take my Louis Vuitton Alma. Outfit looks comfy and nice right?

Where did I get the pieces from?

How much did I spend, you ask?

I’ve spoken about this a few times, about expensive clothing vs affordable clothing. I LOVE expensive products but sometimes I think it’s also about finding good deals. Don’t worry guys it’s not frowned upon, and if people think so, well why? Why is it discouraged to save some money? Why buy a $50 basic tee when you can get the exact same for $15? That is purely an example and sometimes you’re better off spending the bigger bucks on products but I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to always!

The photo does not do the pants any justice, they are so comfy and they look amazing in person. I found them in the most unlikely place, when I wore them I got a few compliments like “oh I love them, did you get them from a boutique ?” Or “ooo I’ve seen something similar at Bardot ”  I smiled and I replied “thank you, they are actually from Kmart for $15” the amount of shock I received from my friends was actually funny!

Yes guys these pants were $15 from KMART (go get a pair now!!)


I see many people spend their whole pay on clothes that are ridiculously expensive, I love wardrobe staples that are expensive and I do splurge OF COURSE! but I will NEVER deny clothing that is affordable, because why not?

My mini jacket is also from Kmart however this was from a few years back. I think I bought it for $20 and yet it’s in mint condition. My adidas t shirt is the standard $30 it has always been. My slip on sandals are from betts and they are around $20-$40. They are quite comfortable and it’s perfect for the warm weather.

I have super pricey clothes in my wardrobe that’s pretty much collecting dust. I have no shame in buying affordable clothing and neither should you.

A wise person once said “Fashion isn’t about how expensive it is, it’s about how you style it”


I said that! Hahaha I’m so lame….

Ok my last favourite quote

“Designer isn’t fashion. Fashion is when you can wear a $30 shirt and make it look like $300”

Something to think about….

Much love – Dusk Avenue

4 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day – Casual Sunday

  1. how did I miss this post????? Love the whole new website look too!!!! Can’t wait to catch up tomorrow, I also think we are due for a coffee date again & sneaky outfit shoot 😉 ;)…. xoxox

    I couldn’t agree with you more about finding a cheaper option as opposed to the $$ option. Instead of buying a $700 black double breasted camilla and marc blazer I got a $100 one from Forever New and looks almost identical. I can now save the other $600 for my next LV if ya know what I mean 😛

    p.s. thanks so much for the shout out honey buns ❤


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